Monday, March 18, 2013

Know your Customer – and who you want your Customer to Be

It isn’t enough to know who your customer is; you need to know who you want your customer to be. As a business owner, you determine, for the most part, your customer base. You decide what demographic you want to attract, to sell to, to have patronize your establishment. It is an important fact that many business owners overlook. They go about it backwards, thinking about their product or service and how the customer can use it instead of thinking about their customer and how they can tailor their product or service to address that customer’s needs.

I liked what the article said about finding an identity. You need to, as a business, find out who you are and work that to the best of your ability. As they said, you can’t always be something for everyone. No matter the size of the company or the vast amount of products or services they offer, it cannot offer something for everyone. Even large companies with vast and varied products will find at least a few sects of the population that will not be interested in what they have to offer. As a small business owner, you need to know who you are.

Now, that does not mean that you must limit your company to just one demographic. No, if your product or service appeals to housewives as well as business men, more power to you! Pursue those groups with all the gusto you can manage. But make sure that you are targeting your marketing efforts to those groups and not just throwing random efforts to the wind to see what gets a response. Know who you are selling to and who you want to draw in – but don’t lose your creativity.

There is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box. If there is a niche that you think may work, go for it. Just don’t pin all your hopes on a long shot. Keep your set customer base demographic happy and keep marketing to them as well. It will help you build a rock solid business.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Night Club Screen Gems – The Basics

If you own or operate a night club, you should consider adding screen gems to your establishment in order to enhance the clubbing experience for your patrons. These are screens with high-resolution that have the ability to create absolutely fantastic visuals and backdrops that are considered to be life-like. The co-owners of the company LBH Dynamics, Michael Marcoe and Zach Nesbitt, are directly responsible for manufacturing screen gems and other types of screens that are utilized in night clubs and similar types of establishments. In this brief guide, you will learn some of the basics regarding screen gems from these Florida-based professionals. If you are interested in purchasing and setting up a video system in your night club, you will benefit from the information contained here.

LBH Dynamics is directly responsible for creating display units that utilize LED lights. The company works closely with the establishments that require video systems, and create units that will enhance the satisfaction of those that frequent those businesses. They ensure that each and every establishment that purchases a unit from them receives a system that is physically accommodating to their needs and operates in a manner that is consistent to the entertainment that they offer. Given the fact that their systems are considered to be high-priced, they know and understand the importance of delivering products that will prove to be financially beneficial for a company, and avoid providing a “One Size Fits All” model because of the fact that many screen gems may be too small to optimize customer satisfaction in those establishments and many may be so large that they make the customers of such an establishment uncomfortable in one way or another. If you want screen gems integrated into your night club, you should utilize a professional to determine what size is most beneficial for your specific establishment.

According to Marcoe and Nesbitt, when screen gems are designed, one of the most important things that they focus on is referred to as the “Pitch”. This is the actual distance that is located between the pixels that are located within a LED display. If the pitch of the video system is low, it will have a high level of resolution. This would result in being able to view the screen at short distances. In other words, if you have a small establishment, you can utilize a low pitch system. However, if you have a large establishment, you would need a video system that has a high pitch system. When opting for a system, it is essential to ensure that you consider the viewing area of your customers at your night club. You should never opt for a system that is right off the shelf because, when doing so, you may actually reduce the satisfaction of your patrons due to the fact that it could be too low of a pitch or too high of a pitch for your building.

In addition to determine the pitch for your establishment, you must consider how much money you are willing to invest in the video system that you want to obtain for your night club. You should ensure that the unit has the capability of delivering enough satisfaction to your patrons that they frequent your establishment more often, spend more time there and spend more money while in your night club. This is why it is important to make certain that the video system is suitable to the size of your business. However, these are not inexpensive. On average, you will spend anywhere from $120,000.00 to $300,000.00 for the unit. If you want a high-end system, you will pay higher prices. However, you must ensure that the unit will yield a high return on investment. By utilizing screen gems in your night club, you have the ability to attract new customers and higher levels of success; but, you also have the ability to lose money. Researching screen gems and choosing a suitable manufacturer and distributor are the keys to your success and the success of your night club.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Loaded Message: Promotional and Marketing Trends to Watch

Well, I just read “10 Trends to Watch for your Promotions and Marketing Mix” by Alissa Ponchione. It focuses on the bar and nightclub industry. Good tips, timely advice, but there is something between the lines that is very telling. Actually, there were several somethings...

First, while this article focuses on bars and nightclubs, the scope certainly does not end there. Other businesses from dog grooming facilities to car salesmen can benefit from at least the gist of this piece. The main push here is to know your industry. This piece talks about bar trends and nightclub trends, but, really, if you are in business, then you need to be looking at the trends within your industry. You need to know what is driving your customers, what are they gravitating to, what is at the top of their Christmas list to Santa?

Another thing that struck me is the importance that social media plays. It is becoming bigger and bigger. Ten years ago, this was not a big deal. Today, if your business doesn’t have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, people will look at you wonky and wonder just how “real” your business is. It is fascinating! But social media is pretty easy to use and access so if you aren’t utilizing it to its fullest extent, then maybe you are a little wonky.

Finally, there were some things in this piece that sort of got to me. As I read about “current trends” that included disco. I suspect it is more of an updated version of disco and I don’t think we’ll see many white polyester suits on the dance floor, but it is still intriguing. And the “drinks of the past” that are regaining popularity like the Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour and the Manhattan. The trends are coming full circle. Fascinating.

There is a lot to glean from this piece, whether you have a bar or nightclub or not. It teaches a very important lesson about knowing your niche, knowing your customer and not only aiming your promotional and marketing efforts to them, but also giving them what they want.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Breaking the Code: Nightlife and Door Policies

This was a fascinating article about door policies and dress codes for bars and night clubs. It is an interview with Sin Bosier, the “queen of San Diego nightlife.” She is a hospitality consultant in the San Diego area and has quite a positive reputation. She does a lot of marketing and consulting for some 200 night clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels in San Diego, so she really knows her stuff. The question asked in this article was when does a dress code drive business and when does it drive it away. In other words, how much does dress code impact the bottom line and where is the line between just right and too much?

This is really interesting because it allows us to peek behind the scenes a bit and learn some of the reasons for door policies and dress codes. For instance, a “no sandals” policy may be in place to protect the night club from any liability issues were someone to get cut on broken glass while wearing sandals in the establishment. Yes, some places may have a dress code to keep the clientele of a certain standard (at least by dress) but it goes way beyond that.

It made me see doormen, or “bouncers,” where I come from, in a totally different light. These guys are not just burly, steely eyed oafs sitting on chairs toying with people by letting some in and leaving some out in the cold. No, there is a science to it. These guys have to be on top of their game, be sharp and really pay attention when they are letting people in. Their job requires a certain level of detail; they must be very observant and quite intuitive. It is impressive when you think about it.
As Sin discusses the nuances of door policies and dress codes for night clubs, you will be enlightened. This article will certainly open your eyes, I know it did mine.

So, what is the craziest door policy you have ever encountered? Do you have any door policy stories you would like to share? What about dress codes – any crazy dress code stories you ran across on a fun night out?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Successfully Manage DJ Artists

If you are in a position where you are responsible for managing the careers of those that specialize in DJ work, you have likely discovered that it is not an easy endeavor. Yes, it is a rewarding career, but an exceptionally challenging one. Two individuals that specialize in DJ artist management through their talent company located in New York, Yoni Goldberg and Damon DeGaff, know and understand the challenges associated with the undertaking and are now relaying their expertise to others in the field of DJ artist management. These individuals are directly responsible for developing and creating superstars. A few of the individuals that they currently work with include Rev Run, DJ Ruckus and David Berrie. The name of the company that these professionals founded in the year 2003 is dGi Management. In this brief guide, you will learn a few of their suggestions on how to properly manage DJ artists.


When managing individuals that specialize in DJ work, it is imperative that you ensure that the professionals receive a high level of hospitality. As with any professional, when the DJ is treated with the highest end luxuries and the best services, they will – in turn – provide the highest quality and best services possible to those which they perform. Yoni Goldberg uses an example of a business located in Las Vegas, called “The Palms”. He claims when his DJs enter the facility that: “They’re treated like they own the place.” When managing DJs it is imperative that you learn what the professionals prefer, what they do not prefer, what they want, and what they do not want. Then, you must create a high level of hospitality that provides the DJ artist with the situations and amenities that enjoy. DJs love to be pampered. By engaging in this practice, you will find that these individuals meet, and even exceed, all expectations when they perform.


The next step to managing DJ artists is to ensure that you provide the best of the best when it comes to equipment pieces, such as the sound system and the lights that will be utilized during their performances. DJs are artists. Each performance that they provide is their personal signature. Having a fine-tuned, high-quality sound system, coupled with the most technologically advanced light system is of the upmost importance to these professionals. As with any job, the DJ artists for hire today require specific tools and resources in order to provide an optimal performance. By ensuring that you place a special emphasis on providing the most innovative and advanced equipment, you are sure to receive a vibrant and memorable performance by the DJ artists that you manage.

Establish a Long-Term Relationship

When managing DJ artists, it is essential that you place an emphasis on developing and establishing a long-term relationship with the professional that you are working with. While it is true that most do have their share of one time gigs, it is important that they are provided with long-term gigs that will assist in providing some degree of financial and professional security. You should book these professionals in all of the jobs that you are able to, but should place a special focus on those jobs that permit the professional to perform more than once.


As you can see, managing the DJ artist may be a bit challenging and it does take quite a bit of work; however, by providing a high level of hospitality, providing high-quality tools and resources and establishing long-term relationships with your DJ artists, you are sure to find that you are pleased with their performances. In addition to this, the DJs will be pleased with you and your management techniques. As a result, they are likely to provide their services to you for the best rates, and for the longest periods of time. DJ artists have the capability of enhancing your business and contributing to the success of other businesses. As with any professional in the creative arts, value, appreciation, respect and rewards go a long way in attracting a DJ on a long-term basis.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Europe’s Top Party Cities

Barcelona is one of Spain’s party headquarters. This incredibly beautiful city can be found in the north eastern part of Spain, and it offers something for everyone. During the days you can spend time shopping, take in some of the classic Gaudi architecture, such as Casa Batllo, one of Barcelona’s most unusual houses, or spend a day relaxing at the beach. When night falls, it’s time to party. Clubs are sprinkled liberally throughout Barcelona, with every kind of music that you could want, and styles that change with each neighborhood. The most popular clubs can be found in the waterfront area, and they don’t even open their doors until midnight so the party continues well into the morning.

St. Tropez in France has long been known as a personal playground that caters to the rich and famous, and its party scene is unmatched. If you happen to be on the French Riviera any time soon, you can rub elbows with the very wealthy by stopping by some of the more popular clubs like the little places such as Les Caves du Roy,which is located in the Byblos Hotel. If you want to hang with a younger crowd, Bodega de Papagayo may be more to your tastes. St. Tropez is fairly costly, so those who aren’t independently wealthy often choose to find lodging in Cannes or Nice, and make St. Tropez an evening excursion.

What better place to party than the home of the world’s largest beer festival? You can find amazing clubs and bars in any German city, but Munich is easily the best party city in the country. Munich has a very large population of college age residents, and where there are college kids, there are parties. Like many other cities throughout Europe, the evening starts at bars, and then the partiers continue on to the many dance clubs which operate nearly all night, some of which don’t close until 4 am. One of the more popular clubs is Prinzregentenstrabe 1, which served as a USO Club while WWII was being fought.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rave Survival Tips

The term “Rave” came into existence in the 80’s, it was used to describe an Acid House party where people dressed in outrageous clothing and danced all night to cheesy techno beats. From a parent’s point of view raves are not a safe way to spend a weekend and if my daughter said she wanted to go to one, I’d probably place her in the nearest convent. However, if you had asked me that question when I was 20, I would have told you that I had a friend who said they were great….as long as you know how to stay safe.

There WILL be drugs! Those signs that say safety zone, drug free zone, etc. aren’t worth the neon poster board that they’re printed on. If you are serious about going to a rave, you’d better know what people are offering you. The most common drug that you’ll see at a rave is MDMA (“Ecstasy”). No drug is safe, but there are different degrees of danger. Simply telling someone not to take drugs is unrealistic, that’s a personal choice, but at least make it with your eyes wide open to the dangers. Do a little research on some of the things that you’ll be most likely to encounter.

Go with someone that you know well, preferably someone who has been to a few of these parties. I know that this may come as a shock, but there are some VERY bad people out there. Having someone slip a little something into your drink is more common than people admit, so take someone that you can trust to watch your back.

Ok, enough raving about how dangerous a rave can be, let’s get down to the important part. What should you wear? The answer to that is, absolutely anything. Since you’ll be dancing, and partying, be comfortable. Wear loose fitting, light clothing. As far as colors go, anything neon is popular, along with glow sticks, LED shirts, and wild wigs. Fitting in isn’t really a problem, the more you stand out, the more you fit in. It's all about having fun.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Starting A Successful Nightclub

The nightclub industry is notoriously fickle, just as fickle as those who frequent nightclubs. Let’s face it, the main reason that a lot of people go to nightclubs is to be with the “in” crowd, and the latest trend may only last for what seems like a few weeks. This means that a nightclub that is THE place to be today could find itself struggling tomorrow. The key to success would seem to be for your club to be as changeable as its patrons. Before you worry about how to stay on top you have to get there, and there is nothing easy about starting a nightclub. Before you begin, research every aspect of your plan and honestly ask yourself if this is something that you can realistically accomplish.

A good business plan can be your best friend when starting out. You’ll need to outline and examine every all of the critical aspects of the operation, right down to the last small details. This will include what type of resources that you will need to start with, and projected expenses, as well as how you plant to make a profit. A well written account of all this information can make a big impact when you are looking for potential investors, vendors, and customers.

Location is another critical part of your success. You’ll need to consider parking, safety, accessibility, and even the economic situation in and around your location. Knowing a little about the history about the location of your business can be very helpful in choosing the d├ęcor of your nightclub, as you’ll want it to mesh well with its surroundings.

Once you’ve found a location that you think may be suitable, you will have look into obtaining the proper licensing and permits. This can be somewhat difficult and very costly. Many municipalities limit the number of licenses that they issue making them somewhat hard to obtain.
If your nightclub becomes a success there is a great deal of money to be made. Getting to the top won’t be a walk in the park, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

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