Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Introducing Tinko: The World's First 5V Smart EL Inverter

We are proud to announce the worldwide premier of Tinko: The World's First 5V Smart EL Inverter designed for wearables.

What's so special about Tinko?
First, Tinko is the first EL Inverter designed in Portland, Oregon and manufactured in the USA that is made for wearables. Thus having a small form factor, quiet, efficient, and made with quality components are all factors on why Tinko will soon be used in every EL Wearable in the near future.
Second, Tinko is made far differently than most EL Inverters. Rather than using a giant inductor like most inverters, Ellumiglow's proprietary design allows for near silent operation, making it possible to install into jackets, hats, and other garments we hold close to our bodies.
Third, because it runs at 5V and comes standard with a USB A-Type Connector, pairing Tinko with any number of cell phone charging batteries makes swapping power simple.

Use Tinko for camping, running, hiking, snowboarding and much more, and never be without personal illumination again. For businesses looking to OEM Tinko, please contact us at 877-615-6556 or

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