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VynEL™ Lighting And How To Apply To Fabrics, Textiles And More

So…you’re looking for a way to add some snazzy, flashy bling to your next costume (and bicycle if you’re in Portland) and you’ve decided that plain old glitter and streamers isn’t going to cut it anymore. Perhaps you’ve even tried using readily available EL Wire or LED lights, and found them to be too dim, too fragile, or not flexible enough for costuming and custom garments. 

Maybe you’re not a typical consumer - but a designer in architectural safety wear, or a textile designer for sports and activewear - and need a way to introduce night-time visibility solutions into your latest product line beyond using reflective fabrics and materials.

Enter VynEL™.
VynEL™ is the world’s most flexible, customizable, and brightest stretchable, washable and bondable light source available today. Made from NASA grade materials, it’s two to three times brighter than other products in its class, more flexible, and even water resistant! This makes it great for use in applications that need a lighting sol…

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