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What Makes EL Wire Different From Laser Wire™ Systems

We get the question often, what's the difference between Electroluminescent Wire and Laser Wire™? They're both accent lights, right? Well, that's about where the similarities stop. Let's dig into the differences here. We also created a quick video showing the differences side by side (below).

EL Wire has been around since the early 2000s, and is a thin wire that is powder coated with the element of Phosphor. Specialized voltages and frequencies excite the particles inside, creating a beautiful glow. The inside is made up of a copper core wire, and small angel hair wires which create a positive and negative charge for the electrodes to pass through. EL Wire can be cut to nearly any length and can be bent to nearly any shape.

Laser Wire™ systems on the other hand are using specialized optical fibers which transmit light down an extremely thin tube. The entire diameter of the wire is 0.9mm, and the lighted element inside is less than 0.2mm. That's about the size of a …

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