Friday, September 28, 2012

Tron Costumes

Looking like Tron is no longer only for programs. Nowadays with modern EL technology, looking like  you came straight from the grid has never been easier. All it takes is some EL tape and wire, and you're good to glow. With Halloween on the horizon, costume season is coming up! And preparation is always key when dealing with costumes.  Unless you want to be a toilet paper mummy or sheet ghost, costume design is a must. And with Tron just a year past, we're going to see quite a few programs running around. If you want to stand out from the crowd, lights are a must as well as good preparation and design.
When attempting to attach wire or tape to any
costume, we only recommend using Industrial Strength E6000 Adhesive. Your lights will be all over you like white on rice. Combining good costume construction with a well planned design will ensure that your costume not only looks realistic, but professional. So prepare for your Halloween, get all the right materials, and party hard, Tron style.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brisbane's annual City of Lights Laser Show, lit up the city spectacularly once again. Like something straight from those funny fungi you used to eat, the city was dazzled by the show put on by John Rayment and Tony Assness. As one of the premier attractions during the festival, onlookers gazed to the sky from vantage points all over the city. for the three week run. Lasers, searchlights, and lights of all assortments were on display, and the city of Brisbane definitely was the City of Lights.

Monday, September 10, 2012

You can never beat the environment at a festival. Thousands of people, all gathered for one reason: to have an amazing time together. Whether it is for music, or art, or just for the sake of gathering, people get excited. Everyone worked to make it. They spent time and energy to get there, but in the end it is always worth it. Festivals allow for endless possibilities. In the beginning everyone is equal. In the end, someone landed that perfect 10, another ends up at the after party with the headliner, and then there is always that one guy who ends up passed out in the gutter. You can tip the odds in your favor at a festival, with a little preparation.

Anything to set yourself apart from the thousands of others will help, as long as you are in a good state. And props can help put you there. But first and foremost people want to have a good time, and enjoy the experience together. It’s up to you, to make that happen. No one else can make you have fun. Sure things will help the situation along, but it’s all a decision you have to make. And once you make that decision, people will be drawn like moths to the flame. The brighter you burn, the more you will attract others. And a simple fuel source you can draw from is a prop or costume.

My boss gave me an amazing crown for my birthday, and it helped me realize the potential of props and festivals. I decorated said crown with EL Wire, so not only did I feel like the king of the rave, I shone like the star that I am. At first I was nervous wearing the crown, but as soon as I relaxed and rocked it, I became the king. I was attracting attention like a neon replacement billboard, and delivering. I felt like I was walking on a dream, playing with people’s emotions left and right. I could do anything. I could be anyone. I was more confident and outgoing than I ever could have been otherwise, all because I felt like by wearing the crown I had made a promise to myself and the world, which is that the king had arrived. The crown took a fair amount of time to make, because I had to weave all of the EL Wire into the crown, but it was definitely time well spent.  Because of that crown, I had one of the best birthdays ever. Preparation is key if you want to make the most of a festival experience.

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