Tuesday, January 31, 2012

55,000 LED's Light Up Cathedral

Impressive feats of technology bring spectacular results. A revolutionary lighting festival in Belgium called Ghent Lichetfestival (Light Festival for us English speakers) 2012 brings to life some amazing works of art. Below is a massive 55,000 LED Light cathedral that stole the show. With over 30 unique exhibitions ranging from misting movie screens, to goldfish payphones, this Belgium festival is being put on the map as a premium light art exhibition across the globe.

The giant Cathedral as seen in the pictures was made up of wood and of course hundreds of thousands of colored LED lights, and consumes only 20Kwatt / hour of electricity. Putting that into perspective, the amount of energy used is about 400 standard 60W light bulbs.

We think the pictures speak for themselves, but check out the video below for more information and content on this extraordinary event.
Courtesy Thisiscolossal.com

Lichtfestival Gent 2012 from Lieven Vanoverbeke on Vimeo.

Chauvet NightClub Lighting $4k Giveaway

Chauvet, a top leader in nightclub lighting is giving away $4k in prizes to a few lucky winners. To enter, visit the Chauvet Facebook Page and fill out your info. First prize is awesome, $2k in Chauvet lights which will get your lighting arsenal up and running, as well as an iPad installed with their new ShowXpress, which is their newest computer programmed lighting language. It's a simple plug and play software which allows you to interact with your lights right from your iPad. From enhanced pixel mapping for 2012, this little software package is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Second and third prizes are also available so make sure you enter for a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Sorry rest of the world, US or UK residents only... But if you are a resident, simply go to the Chauvet $4k Sweepstakes for a chance to win. 

For information on the New Chauvet Freedom collection, visit ellumiglow.com.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top Men :: A Tron Inspired EL Wire Band

From our neighbors to the north, comes an exciting new band that thrives on technology. This unique group certainly knows how to party, and dresses the part. As each band member comes on stage with a different Tron-inspired persona, the crowd lights up with excitement. Not to be thought of a just a band, or just a bar, Top Men want to you to simply, experience. Next time you are up in Canada, look up Top Men for an experience you will never forget.

For more information on the Top Men Experience, visit:  http://topmenband.wordpress.com

Costumes were made by the band, and purchased Ready Made EL Wire Kits from Ellumiglow.com.

Click on the video below to check them out in action.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Floating Nightclub Design Proposed In China

New Nightclub Design Proposed in Hong Kong

As space is becoming more and more of a commodity in the busy streets of Hong Kong, some bars are turning to another approach. Hanging from other buildings. A project that just won 3rd prize in the "Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong International Competition" is looking to do just this. 

Urban Plunger, a young architectural firm made this concept and is hoping for it to become a reality. The proposed structure is 100% suspended from nearby buildings and completely inaccessible from the street level. Leaning on nearby buildings, this unique architectural delight may become a standard among Hong Kong bars over the coming decade or two. 

The lowest (above street level) portion will host the nightclub, while the mid-level will accommodate the lobby, swimming pool, and restaurant. The upper portion will be hotel guest rooms if this proposition goes through. The building is proposed to be street level elevators which would be open to the public to view the  spectacular nightclub and lobby.

How do they do it? The entire building would be suspended from nearby buildings and transfer its entire load to its neighbors allowing the use of new age composite materials for the structure. Whether this will ever come to fruition or not, its certainly an inspiration for future bar designs to come. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Solder EL Wire - With Video

Here is a quick how-to video that our customers were asking for. Enjoy!

In this video, you will see from a first person perspective how to solder EL Wire.

Here's what you will need in order to complete this exercise:

EL Wire (can be found at Ellumiglow.com)
Battery Pack
EZ Connector
Heat Shrink Tubing
Wire Strippers
Lighter (or heat gun)
Soldering Iron
Glove (never can be too careful!)
Knife (can use wire strippers as well)

Friday, January 20, 2012

New COD Modern Warfare Electroluminescent Billboard

The first ever Electroluminescent Billboard, lit entirely of EL Tape is catching the advertising world by storm. By day, is a standard Billboard, but at night, the back-lit billboard lights up the entire block, as you can see this from a mile away... Literally!

Check out the video below for the making of this revolutionary billboard.

For more information on how you can acquire this type of new advertising medium for your business, go to:


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LED Par Cans Tap Into The Wireless Digital Age

What if we told you we have a new lighting product that will save you time, money and revolutionize the way your company does business? A new partnership between Wire-Free LED and Ellumiglow.com brings you the most exciting lineup of LED Par Cans in the history of Club Lighting. Now stage lighting can be installed in literally seconds and whole rooms can be installed in just minutes.  Quality, wireless, long lasting, versatile lighting fixtures have finally arrived.

New Wire-Free LED Par Can technology uses high output LED RGB, lighting fixtures to provide exceptional lighting quality, combined with simplicity. Capable of producing nearly every color in the spectrum, these Club Lights come with over 100 beautiful preset colors, and even produce TRUE White.  Now you can control your LED Par Cans with a color remote, DMX, manually, or even with an iPhone. No cords, means no mess, no time, and no hassle.

High output Wire-Free LED Lights put out the same output as a typical par 56, but are rated for use for 80,000 to 100,000 hours. This means it could quite possibly be the last lighting fixture you ever need.
Assembled in the USA, these new high quality dj lighting fixtures are not only the talk of the town, but soon to be your favorite light in your arsenal. With high performance lead acid internal batteries, these fixtures stay lit for 6-12 hours. When finished, place the lights back into the charging flight case, and plug the case into the nearest outlet. No need to mess around with cords, wires or numerous plugs any longer. Case is durable for a life on the road and keeps your Wire-Free LED's charged, safe and happy.

Versatility is another key element in the Wire-Free LED lineup, as all fixtures can be mounted on trussing, placed on the floor or table, and even mounted to the wall or ceiling in seconds. Forget about running wires all across the room, these lighting fixtures are sure to be headache free.

Ready to buy? These lights are sold in sets of 6, and include a FREE Charging Flight Case (for a limited time). Pick them up at Ellumiglow.com and select which option works best for you.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips For Night Running - Be Seen, Be Safe

As the days get shorter, many people like me have the same feeling… “Oh well, no more night running after work”.  And then shortly after, the holidays come around and we come to the realization, it’s time to jump into the fat pants again. Working out after work doesn’t have to stop when it gets dark, and here are a few helpful tips to keep you seen and safe while finishing up your evening workout.

See Or Be Seen – The number one reason why people don’t work out as much during the winter is they don’t have the right tools. Like a carpenter without a hammer, it’s no reason why you don’t work out in the dark. Your safety is more important than gaining a few lbs’s. Illuminating yourself is just as important as illuminating your path. Many times when we work out at night, you can get by with the city’s street lights or even the run where night time paths are common. Choosing a well-lit path in parks, boardwalks, and near rivers typically has well lit running paths in order to see where you are going.

But what stops us is we don’t know how to light up… Until now.

EL Wire – Is the best resource for runners. It’s a thin copper wire that weighs practically nothing and is perfect for night running. It’s flexible, can be worn all around your body and can be seen in perfect darkness.  What’s nice about this is you can be seen from all sides, not just from straight on. The battery packs that come with them are water resistant and take common batteries, unlike many portable LED Lights today. The wire also comes in a number of fashionable, designer colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice looks for safety. Now your lighting can be as bold as you want to be. Whether you are wearing around your waist, or have it attached to your shoes, EL Wire will be your best friend at night.

Headlamp – If you choose not to wear EL Wire, a headlamp is a good idea. If you have the resources to use both EL Wire and a headlamp, this will ensure you will be seen, and keep you safe as day. The downside of a headlamp only is that it is only effective when coming from straight on. The most common accident runners have is being hit from the side, or from behind, all due to not being seen. The second most common accident night runners have is not hearing oncoming traffic. Making sure to remove the headphones when running at night is a good idea, as it keeps you aware of your surroundings.

You are much less likely to be in an accident when Night Running if you are wearing apparel that is glowing. Be prepared and glow before you lace up your shoes and you make sure to stay out of your fat pants all winter long.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New LED Sky Lighting Makes Businesses Work Better

New technology brings better work environments. One thing that has been lacking from offices around the world is ample lighting. Until now, we were stuck with either florescent lighting which is rough on the eyes, or as of recently, LED replacement bulbs. These replacements are far better on the eyes, although it still leaves us with the same problem, which is the rather uninspiring lighting that surrounds the work environment. Imagine being able to bring your desk outside and work under the blue skies.
(Photo Credit: Fraunhofer IAO)

The innovative new luminous ceiling, developed by the Fraunhofer researchers provides a magical alternative to uninspiring lighting. These 20” square ceiling tiles each have 288 LEDs with a combination of red, blue, green and white LED’s which allow a full color spectrum with 16 million color possibilities.

When combined with one another, these panels create a virtual sky which simulates natural sunlight on a cloudy day. Researchers have been carefully examining the lighting patterns of clouds as they roll through the sky and how light is affected, which enabled them to put their research into computer chips. Currently, the sky pattern allows for sunny, cloudy, fast moving and slowly transitioning skies. As this is developed further, we will begin to see customizable sky patterns which will allow business owners to adjust how their employees feel just based on the lighting. This should allow for better productivity, as well as better employee morale.

From March 6-10, this display will be debuted at the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover. Price is currently 1,000 euros per square meter, however as this idea takes form to other businesses, we should soon start to see the price drop and easily affordable to many businesses. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bass Activated EL Wire Homemade Sunglasses Fit For ... Kanye

Reader (ch00ftech) reports a new style of EL Wire Sunglasses sure to catch on. Made from an Arduino chip and a little neatly placed super glue, these unique glasses I'm sure were the hit of NYE 2012.

Read more from his blog here. http://t3chnolochic.blogspot.com/p/design-sketches-electronics.html

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