Thursday, December 30, 2010

How To Create A Modern Look In Your Bedroom

Creating a modern bedroom is easier than you think. First, consider starting at the heart of the room and pick just the right modern bed. Finding the right bed can be a task in itself, but Platform Beds offer a modern flare that traditional beds do not. Most beds today do not need box springs, as they seem to be a thing of the past. Today's modern bedrooms have a ton of options, and can be just as functional as they are stylish. Less is more in modern decor, and the biggest thing revolves around quality. Solid wood beds are becoming the social norm once again compared to the 80's and 90's where we were continuously looking for a cheaper alternative. Textures are one of the biggest things to look for in a modern platform bed today.
Nightstands, dresser and armoires are becoming just as visually stunning as the beds themselves, packed with options like soft close drawer systems, and velvet lining. Today's hottest designs coupled with new technology has never been a better time to make your bedroom modern. 
 Next the accessories, which will take a normal bedroom and make it extraordinary. Consider various types of lighting from EL Wire to LED Lights, as they can match in nearly any color room.
EL Wire can run in a track around the bed, whole room, around just your bedroom accessories, or even across the baseboards to create a spectacular lighting effect. They can create a stunning effect around your room and is one of the least expensive methods of making a normal room extraordinary. EL Wire can be shaped into designs, or even hide it behind crevices to create a halo effect. They can go on electronics like TV's or Computers, or put it on your remote so you will never lose it again.
For more information on different lighting products, check out Electroluminescent Wire Kits, a guide to the latest and best lighting for every need. It can be easier than you think to install, with a working knowledge of simple electronics, you can have your bedroom looking like a room of the future in no time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Make Your Own Tron Costume - Made Easy

As the Tron Legacy movie is fast approaching, people are getting more and more excited about the movie. As excitement builds, so do people’s idea about making their own DIY Tron costumes, for the next party that deserves such a costume. The first thing to figure out, is how they can make this costume glow just like the movie. One thing to note, these are not special effects, there actually is a product that will allow your costume to glow and available at a price everyone can afford. Soon after the announcement of Tron, EL Wire has made headlines in many places, as this technology is allowing others to make their very own glowing clothing. People wanting to make these oufits on their own prior to finding this out, figured that such a task was nearly impossible, having to spend 100’s of dollars on their own costume. Would you get excited if you could make your own Glow in the Dark Tron costume for less than $75? I figured anyone would!

In the movie, Tron Legacy, they use special EL Tape, to provide the glowing panels and circles that you see on their outfits. These do happen to glow on their own as no special effects were required to make their costumes look like this. If you are just starting to make your costume, you have to ask yourself the level of authenticity you want to have. If you wanted the real deal, I would suggest making your entire costume out of EL Panels. This will allow you to cut and wear your costume, just like the real thing. If you wanted a loose translation of the costume, and mainly wanted it to glow, a great idea is to use EL Wire. EL Wire is far more accessible, will come in more colors, and is easier to attach to fabrics.

EL Wire is a thin copper wire, that is wrapped in colored plastic, which allows it to glow in a variety of colors. It is available in a wire that looks just like speaker wire, or you can even get it to have a wing on the end of it, which is great for sewing into fabrics. Whichever way you choose, you are in for a treat when you see your costume light up at night. Just use a fabric glue such as GOOP or other clear glue and start sewing or gluing. Good luck!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Terrific Stocking Stuffer Idea

Electric Optics LED Headphones are the perfect stocking stuffer for your active friends and family. Sure to impress even the person who has everything. These headphones are great for working out, and going on evening runs.

How do they work? Electric Optics EL Wire Headphones run off of an internal rechargeable battery, that has 2 glow modes. Let it run a constant glow, or have it dance to the music you're playing.  iPod style headphones stay in your ears during your workout and have an easy clip that allows you to clip to your shirt, armband, or shorts. Don't want them to glow, but still want to use the headphones? Feel free to use them with or without the glow.

Comes in 4 colors; Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink.

Pick some up today and make your workout safer, and brighter!

Buy a Great Stocking Stuffer Today!
Electric Optics EL Wire Headphones

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How To Trick Or Treat

Jack-o-laternImage via Wikipedia
Next year, trick or treat safer with EL Wire. Lighting up for Halloween is important because it makes you safer among the increasing traffic throughout our neighborhoods. EL Wire makes you visible, gives you a competitive edge among other costumes, and looks awesome at night.
Read more on how to
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Monday, November 1, 2010

EL Wire Costumes

A few years ago, it was very rare to find anyone at all wearing EL Wire or Laser Wire Costumes at a costume party. Nowadays, you can find a handful of people using it in the most unique ways. EL Wire has become a commodity and status symbol around seasoned party goers, and is becoming increasingly popular. Check out our favorite costume seen this year at Del Mar's Heaven and Hell Party.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ellumiglow Welcomes Flowtoys

Privilege IbizaImage via Wikipedia
Great news! Over the coming months and Flowtoys are teaming up to bring you some exciting new Event Lighting. These products will enhance your club lighting experience, make you safer at night and even keep your friends together at festivals. Going to Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Ibiza? Check back often to as we have some amazing products that will impress all. Pick up a flowtoy for your friends or family as they make great stocking stuffers, and bachelor and bachelorette party gifts. Available in many colors, flowtoys are some of the coolest night time products available.

Want to find out who's going to Coachella this year? So do we, and the lineup's not out yet. Let us know your thoughts about your favorite groups and we will do everything we can to make that happen.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Glow Santa Monica

If anyone is looking for a neat event to do the weekend of September 25th, go checkout the annual event in Santa Monica, called Glow. Glow is a non-profit event from dusk-to-dawn which features artists from around the world that engages audiences to explore and experience new dimensions in art and lighting.

Visit for more information on the event. Event starts at dusk on September 25th and goes until the next morning. Oh, and tickets are FREE.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Man Burns in 39 Days!

Step into the EL Wire Vortex
The Man Burns in 39 days! Glowing nirvana is about to commence and everyone prepares the same way... Well everyone except us. If you still need EL Wire before the big day, let us know and tell us what it's for. We have plenty of every color and are preparing to do so throughout the Burning Man Festival season. Well, that's the plan anyway. Each year we try to double our Burning Man preparations, in hopes to fulfill more Burner's delights. So let us know what you need, place your orders online and let the glowing begin!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Steve Jobs Light Saber's The Competition

The Chinese have given us so much, and now they are at it again. Using my iPhone as a translator, I am able to know exactly what they are saying! Well, not really, but it's pretty funny even if you're like me and don't know any Chinese at all.

Make your own light sabers with EL Wire, or check out the Laser Lights.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raddest Chair Ever

 The masters at Kiwi&Pom have made the impossible... well possible. And not only possible, but took a giant leap forward in EL Wire Innovation & Design.

The "Disco Chair" is made from over 600 feet of electroluminescent wire... And yes, that is 600 feet. The chair when activated, glows a gorgeous rainbow, and even has a "disco" setting that allows the chair to flicker like it's dancin'!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why Are Set Pieces Terrible This World Cup?

I know this is not the typical entry you would expect, but I have been asked enough this soccer season why free kicks and corner kicks seem to be so poor this World Cup? All the announcers seem to have a certain stigma about set pieces where these are the most dangerous plays in the game. And typically they are correct.... Not this Tournament. But why?

Nearly every player in the World Cup plays for a club team, where they practice day in and day out throughout the year. Many players end their training sessions with set piece training, whether it be taking them, or defending. When you have certain club secrets that you have found work well with your club, an easy way to broadcast those secrets to the World is the largest stage on the Planet. The World Cup. Why give up your most precious secrets to everyone to use? A secret is not so secret when everyone know about them so some of the best secrets are not used throughout the Tournament.

Also, many clubs have a different mentality about set pieces. On defense, some clubs tend to have a man to man marking mentality, where everyone that is inside the box must have another body on them. The other side of the coin is zone; where every defender in the box has a zone and sticks to it. Some keep all 11 in the box on set pieces, others choose to have only their select few to go up for the 50-50 balls. On offense, some teams are all about misdirection or trickery. Other teams rely solely on brute force. We can't say either is better because we have seen both options successful, but one thing is for certain this World Cup. Set pieces look horrendous.

World Cup coaches like Bob Bradley need to think heavily about practicing those pieces and coming up with their own renditions, solely for the World Cup. Having opportunities close to the box are few and far between, and most teams will have only a handful, if any, each game. Those wasted opportunities are a perfect example what not to do on the World's Stage. My prediction for next World Cup is the team that has the most set piece conversions, will take it home.

Frank McGavin writes about all things glowing, but hey, it's the World Cup. Let's talk about it...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Run Safer At Night

Have you ever found yourself motivated as all getup during work to go home and get a great workout in, only to get home and wonder where the daylight went? Did that get your workout mojo working in the opposite direction, and instead you sat in front of the TV rather than working out? Wouldn't it matter if it was perpetually bright out? But what if you could preserve your daily life of your 9-5 job and continue to come home for your afternoon/evening jog in spite of the brightness outside? The diminishing sun might typically rule you out from exercising as a result of basic safety concerns, or just because you cannot see.  But those times are no longer... EL Wire has come to the rescue (yet again)!

Today, technological innovation has once more come through and made it achievable to excite your nights once again! Now you can find EL wire headphones to guarantee your safety and help with your vision when you go jogging in the evening.   The new EL Wire Headphones can feature the wire in 4 marvelous colours, either you may decide on, to aid you see throughout your workout.  In addition,as an additional safety feature, it will help make you a whole lot more noticeable to someone in the distance, or oncoming cars. For an extra cool factor, have the Electroluminescent Wire illuminate to the beat of your music.  The battery pack in the headphones can be also be powered with a USB cable and the plug is even compatible with most phones, iPhone 3G or computers. Another way neon wire can guide in more careful nighttime biking is in your shoelaces.

EL Wire shoelaces as well are available in 4 energetic colorings and can render you with additional light down near your feet.  This will be very effective while biking at sun down, especially when many joggers look down at their feet when they go jogging.   Picture how much brighter your path could be! Your shoelaces will also tip off others in your general direction, or in the area that you are near.  This is a substantial safety feature!

Another way that glow wire can be helpful while running at night is by placing it on your iPod or iPhone.  Combined with the EL wire headphones, you can also have your iPhone light up, as well, providing you with yet another method of bright light in the dim light.
 Biking in the dark can be harmful and  scary .  Reduce your stress with elwire and light up your night while getting a healthy work out!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Burning Man Festival Pack and Prep List 2010

Below is a helpful list to help Fellow Burners out in their preparation for the best week of the year. This is not an extensive list, so if you think of anything that should be included on this list, feel free to comment below.

 If you are a Playa Virgin…
­ It is extremely HOT during daylight hours: and it gets COLD at night.

You want to wear as little as possible during the day and a big fur coat with boots at night

There ain’t nothin' out where we’re going – nothing lives out there except 40,000 insane people once a year. So, bring everything you need to live. They only sell ice, lemonade and coffee.

­ DUST gets everywhere!! Don’t bring anything that you don’t want permanently covered in playa dust

­ There is no such thing as over-the-top - the more, the bigger, the gaudier, the better! Go nuts and wear the craziest things you can conjure up in your mind. If it can be decorated, then decorate it!!!

­ If you think you’re too shy to wear something or do something there, wait 2 days and think again…you’ll stop giving a S***!

Packing List


­ Toilet paper - the port-a-potties always run out

­ Lots of lotion or you go home with cracked feet and hands

­ Moisturizing eye drops

­ 1.5 gallons of water per day per person minimum (this is just for showering, drinking, cooking, etc.)

­ Flash lights/headlamps/lanterns (for the campsite, your bike, etc.)

­ EL wire (check out – radest B Man illumination site ever!!!!): you can wear it on anything and it’s also great for pimping out your bike at night, It looks cool and saves you from getting run over by the Cheshire Cat art car out on the play at night.

Laser Wire vs EL Wire (say wha????) - a new product being released in 2015 that is brighter, longer lasting, and totally cool. It will eventually replace all EL Wire...

­ Dust masks (disposable from Home Depot work) and goggles for dust storms. Some people have full-on gas masks.

­ Baby wipes – you can’t have too many

­ Hand sanitizer

­ First aid kit


­ Rubbermaid/plastic containers: you can pack and keep everything from the dust in these. We have 2 that are the size of trunks

­ Bring your trade item –your money has no value on the playa (except to buy ice or a cup of coffee or lemonade) You can exchange your trade item for all sorts of stuff…cool blinky things, sexual favors, drugs, hugs, food or whatever your little heart desires. Some trade items I’ve seen:



Plastic jewelry

Face or body pain art



­ Trash bags – anything you bring in, you have to haul back out

­ Bungee cords – good for all sorts of stuff

­ Folding beach chairs and tables

­ Tool box/kit

­ Rebar (mallet)

­ Car a/c adaptors to charge iPods, cameras, Aero Bed inflater or whatever

­ Duct tape

­ Rechargeable batteries and battery charger for all your light-up stuff

­ Walkie talkies

­ Binoculars


­ Cool stuff to decorate your playa camp

­ Rope lighting

­ Xmas lights

­ Tiki torches, lanterns, solar-powered garden lighting, etc.

­ Outdoor carpet or turf or even an old used rug is nice to keep the dust down at your site or in your yurt

­ Power source - generator


­ Shower bag

­ Towel(s)

­ Liquid body soap

­ Shampoo, conditioner (or else you’ll have nappy hair) - I usually have dreads in about 2 days. Had to cut some hair out the first year.

­ Car port tent and tarps to extend out


­ We never eat as much as bring…you always end up taking food home or throwing it away so don’t over pack.

­ You mostly want healthy, easy food that gives you energy and doesn’t require a ton of prep

­ We usually have family-style dinners a couple nights and for the other’s we will fend for ourselves or be invited to other camps for dinner…

­ Folding card table or other cooking surface

­ Cooler(s)

­ Mini Fridge

­ Grill and camping stove or burner

­ Propane

­ Pots/pans

­ Paper towels

­ Antibacterial surface cleaner

­ Scour sponge

­ Dish soap

­ Dish washing bucket/tub

­ Lots of zip lock bags and disposable tupperware

­ Reusable plastic plates, cups bowls, and utensils (disposable ends up creating more trash to haul out)

­ Dry seasonings – salt, pepper, garlic salt, oregano anything you plan to cook with

­ Condiments – mayo, mustard, sirache, ketchup, etc.

­ Pam cooking spray

­ Sharp knife and cutting board

­ French coffee press or just bring canned iced coffees

Staying Cool:

­ Shade structure(s)/tents (also bring rebar and a hammer/mallet)

­ Huge bucket (you can drain cooler water into this in the mornings and dip your feet in to cool off)

­ Water sprayer bottles

­ Home Depot garden (for pesticide) mister tank with sprayer

­ A/C unit and generator

­ Big Orange extension cords

­ Umbrella for your bike during the day


­ Blow-up mattress, memory foam bed topper,etc.

­ Good blanket(s), sleeping bags for cold nights

­ Earplugs to block out the noise

­ Drape whatever you’re sleeping in with tarps or something so the light doesn’t come in in the morning…you will prob go to bed around 7 or 8 am and sleep through part of the day


­ I-pod and dock station

­ Old stereo and car sub


­ Face paint and make-up

­ Fake eyelashes

­ Bindi stickers (for body and face)

­ Glitter

­ Body paint

­ EL wire, glowsticks, etc.

­ Whigs

­ Hats

­ At night you’ll want a coat –big gaudy fake fur coats are the best

­ Good Will stuff

­ Platform boots

­ Old Halloween costumes

­ Glasses

Getting Around:

­ You MUST have a bike – just bring an old one and pimp your ride

­ Bike basket is nice to have

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time to Upgrade - Hello 4G

These days smart phone technology changes faster than some people change their underwear. First 2G takes the world by storm with the original iPhone. Then every company jockies for position for the number 1 spot with 3G Technology. Now, companies are hanging on to weeks as they do everything in their power to release their latest 4g phone before the iPhone (smart phone killer) comes into play. Even though AT&T may not even have the 4G technology for the rest of the year, the new iPhone 4G is the most sought after device in phone history.

In their first release, the new iPhone 4G's sold over 600,000 devices in a single day. Setting history, Apple and AT&T decided to put the second wave off about a month or so to give their factories time to create the second wave of devices. Compared to the 3GS release a year ago, the 4G iPhone's sold 10x the amount. We will wait and see until the new phone releases and we can see the device in action, but knowing the release of previous Apple installations, the new iPhone 4G should be nothing short of awesome.

Buy LED Headphones to go with your iPhone 4G here.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

EL Wire FAQ's

EL Wire is a great new product that glows when an electrical charge is applied to it. This is a quick guide to answer some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any of your own, feel free to post in the comments or send us an email to
Q: What is EL Wire?
A: EL Wire is a decorative, flexible wire that glows similar to old school neon tube lights. The main difference is Electroluminescent Wire comes from the element phosphor, whereas neon comes from, well, neon. EL Wire can be bent, cut, knotted, and spliced together and generates no heat when charged. It can be taped, glued or sewn to nearly any surface. Neon can't claim any of those traits.
Q: Will EL Wire Electrocute Me?
A: No. EL Wire when a charge is applied, sends a safe voltage throught the wire. It may tingle if non-sealed ends are touched, however it will not do any damage to the skin or body.
Q: How Hot is EL Wire?
A: Not Even. Unlike many other lighting sources, EL Wire doesn't get hot when it glows. The temperature is the same whether it is on or off.
Q: Will EL Wire Glow By Itself?
A: No, a high frequency alternating current driver must be used in order to make the wire glow. These are relatively inexpensive and can either be battery powered or plugged in to a standard electrical outlet.
Q: Will EL Wire Make a Sound?
A: Yes and no. The wire itself will make no noise, but the driver will emit a high pitch sound. The loudness will depend of the specific driver itself, so making sure the driver is a fair distance away from ears is key.
Q: Where Can I Purchase?
A: There are no physical storefront locations that sell EL Wire, but EL Wire can be purchased online at EL Wire is available in 10 bright colors.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

EL Wire Tron... For Real

EL Wire is starting to become more and more popular as times goes on. As people are starting to see other uses for EL Wire, Hollywood picks it up and runs with it. The new movie TRON by Disney has some amazing uses for EL Wire which is sure to attract more people over the next year to this still up and coming technology.

Here is a shout out to Tron and the costuming department at Disney. Nice job!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Restrictions of EL Wire

With every action there is an equal or positive reaction. Or that’s how the phrase should go. I have been talking enough about what EL Wire is, what it is capable of, and why you should douse yourself in it. This time I would mention some of the limitations of the wire. This is not meant to persuade you to buy, however inform you so you know what to expect.

Durability. Most EL Wire is fairly delicate. Other than the super pull wire (available via special order only), most EL Wire is not meant to have a high tinsel strength. Although EL Wire can be bent, cut, and twisted, EL Wire should not be installed where you will see repeated flexing, such as around knees or elbows. This will over time, cause the copper wire to break thus providing you with no light. EL Wire can be repaired, but you will lose some length with every cut. Finding applications where not a lot of movement is used is generally your best bet. Hats, bras, signs, stages and dark walkways are all great places for EL Wire. They generally stay rigid and not a lot of movement is used.

Brightness. EL Wire is brighter than many lighting sources, however not as bright as any LED Lights. Although it has a number of other positives, it will “most likely” never carry the same amount of brightness to LED’s. Someday, maybe. Dark spaces are great for EL Wire, as it shines bright across the darkness, but a bright room or bright stage, the wire can be overshadowed.

Waterproof. Very few electronics are waterproof and the same for EL Wire… well, sort of. The actual wire is actually water resistant and can withstand running it under water, or stand a degree of sweat. The ends of the wire however, have a certain amount of susceptibility to moisture, and water can damage the phosphor which makes the device light up. Luckily it is able to be wrapped inside a thick plastic coating, that helps protect it from the elements.

Noise. EL wire is powered by a high frequency and high voltage driver that emits a high pitched humming noise. Microphones may pick up these noises, and can be annoying to people that hear the noise. Keep in consideration when making hats or applications where the drivers may be around ears or microphones.

Although EL Wire is a great technology that continues to get better with age like a fine wine, there are certain things that it does not allow us to do. Try playing with EL Wire and see what you can do with it. The possibilities are endless.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Drivers and Inverters - Part Deux

After seeing a few items that were left out, we realized a few other pertinent information should be told about EL Wire Drivers and EL Wire Inverters. The main difference between a Driver and an Inverter are drivers are generally hand held. Drivers are common to battery packs or any portable device that makes your EL Wire glow. You will notice them in EL Wire Glasses, bracelets, and many different sized battery packs.

On the flipside, Inverters generally have a AC or wall unit that it plugs into, in order for the EL Wire to glow. The Inverter changes the energy given from the wall into a smaller, usable dosage for the proper length of EL Wire. This keeps your EL Wire lasting the longest it possibly can, while also making sure that it is as bright as can possibly be. Without the inverter, EL Wire will be just as bright, but will transfer too much energy causing the EL Wire to short, or go through a more rapid lifespan.

The correct size for your project can make a big difference when talking inverters. You should start by making sure you have your concept first. Then turn your concept into a quantifiable number. Say you have 4 walls that need to glow, and each wall needs to have two strands. If each wall is 10 feet long, then a total of 80 feet need to be accounted for, unless you have more before or after. Each inverter has a specific length involved so making sure you have selected the correct length can mean having your concept succeed.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Cooler Than EL Wire Headphones?

You guessed it... Nothing! Remyx LED Headphones are a brand new product just hitting the market and people absolutely love them. What are they you ask? Read on...

As summer is fast approaching, many people realize that it also means swimsuit weather is right around the corner… again. We all want to get out and exercise but we still don’t have the daylight required after we get home from work. There’s nothing more de-motivating than going out in the dark by yourself. Would you be interested in finding a more permanent solution to your running needs, no matter the daylight outside?

A new technology has come up that makes it possible to light up your nighttime run. Glow headphones are a thing of the future, that allows you to listen to music, while enabling cars, bikes, and oncoming runners to spot you from a mile away… Literally. EL Wire Headphones, called Electric Fonix use the latest technology which threads speaker wire and glow wire in one, creating a fantastic, fun new product that is sure to be the talk of the town. They come in 4 colors (blue, green, pink and orange), and allow yourself to be visible even when the sun goes down. Glow headphones have a solid Bright light, or they can even dance to the music you are listening to. They are compatible with iPhone, iPods and nearly any mobile device or MP3 player.

Running in the dark can be scary, but not when you have a little help on your side. These glow headphones can make the darkest path lighter, and keep you more visible even when it is pitch black. Improve your health, stress and overall well being. All while getting noticed on the path to hopping back into that swimsuit that has been eyeing you all winter.

The Laser Living Room

Ever wanted to grow up in a laser house, with laser children, with a red picket laser fence? Or wonder how you could get your living room to look like the latest video game? Designers United Visual Artists us this as a tribute to the 10th Anniversary of broadband in the UK. Imagine this after a Tiesto show.

This installation is said to have 148 laser wire across six rooms. While the room is completely nonfunctional, it sure does add something to the imagination.  Sitting or watching the Boob Laser is not happening, but still pretty neat to think about.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

EL Wire Drivers and Inverters

What is the deal with EL Wire Drivers and EL Wire Inverters anyway? I don’t get what the issue with them is and why I need to use them. Well, that's what I hear quite often. People seem to use the two terms, "drivers" and "inverters" synonymously.

EL Wire Drivers are basically the lifeblood or the source of the wire’s power. Think about powering a lamp inside your house. Would you expect the light to turn on without plugging it in? Well, that would be nice… I would too, but in today’s world that doesn’t happen... Yet. Drivers send power and regulate the amount of power that are used to power your wire. Having too much power in your driver will send too much voltage throughout the wire and cause the element phosphor to break down more rapidly. This will cause your EL Wire to burn out quicker. Let me say, EL Wire does last a long, long time. However using the right amount of power for your application, will not only make your wire lasting the longest amount of time, but also ensure your light stays as bright as it possibly can. Having too little wire will make your wire to seem weak or dull, and we all know EL Wire is anything but dull. Your wire, wherever used, should make a statement. It should tell people where you are. It should provide a runway to your location. And lastly, it should enhance everything surrounding it. It doesn’t need to be the only focal point, but should provide a good foundation of light.

Finding the correct driver should be simple. First, think about your project in mind. Think about what you are creating. Whether it is an outrageous costume for Burning Man, or to create a window piece for your business, have a concept in mind. Next once your concept is complete, imagine the amount of wire you think you will need, then times it by about 1.5. That is the amount of wire you will probably need, but also the size of the driver you should purchase in order to power your mission. Once you have these two components in mind, turning a concept into reality is quite simple. Make sure you have thought out your plan before the cutting begins and you will have the masterpiece you envisioned.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What is EL Wire

Electroluminescent Wire (EL Wire) is one of the newest lighting technologies on the planet. Its unique qualities are unmatched by many and it is much cheaper per lumen than pretty much anything on earth. In a nutshell, EL Wire is a glowing wire that is similar in size to a standard speaker wire. It comes in a number of different thicknesses, can glow about as bright as you can stand, and uses so little energy that it can be powered by common AA batteries or even common watch batteries. It can also be bent to nearly any shape imaginable.

Electroluminescent Wire is made from the element phosphor which is what makes the wire glow. When put to a power source, the phosphor element conducts the energy from the power source and emits one of the brightest lights we have seen. Unlike neon lights or halogen lights, the wire stays cool to the touch even when lit for hours.

EL Wire comes in 10 different vibrant colors, and is starting to pop up all across the world, from movie theaters, to new age business signs, to clothing costumes. It last longer than most light bulbs as standard EL Wire will generally last between 3,000 and 6,000 hours. As opposed to most other lighting sources like halogen lights or filament lights that burn out, the phosphor in EL Wire slowly starts to break down, and the wire subtly becomes dimmer until it doesn’t light up anymore. Most wire can be expected to glow for 20,000 to 40,000 hours.

For more information on purchasing EL Wire, or various uses, check out the EL Wire Buyers Guide for information on how to order.

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