Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making your EL Wire Change Colors

First off, don't get too excited... Or disappointed.

EL Wire, because of the properties, can never truly change colors from Green to red, or blue to orange. EL Wire is made from a colored plastic tubing which cannot change colors. What is possible however is to alter the frequency at which the EL Wire is powered. This enables the wire to change a different hue when it is powered from a different frequency. Take a look at this handy how-to guide and have fun with EL Wire projects!


UPDATE 2015: While EL Wire technically cannot change colors, Laser Wire can. It uses laser technology which is similar to fiber optic lighting, but allows for more flexibility, brighter light output, thinner and lighter weight product. Because there is a light source at one end, it allows to change out the laser module easily if needed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Burning Man in 41 Days

The Angel of the Apocalypse by the Flaming Lot...Image via WikipediaBurning Man is just about the coolest festival that most people could imagine going to. From the magnificent art, to amazing shows, Burning Man has just about something for everyone. Oh, and the people you meet there are incredible. We just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone for your support and helping us increase our business. Lights have been a huge passion over the years and we could not have made this happen without all you supporters out there. We look forward to many more Burning Man in the future and  hope to be your main supplier for the event.

For all your EL Wire and Laser Wire, visit us at ellumiglow.com. Oh, and we are  especially stocked up this year, and plan on shipping out products for Burning Man up to August 25th!

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