Friday, March 15, 2013

Breaking the Code: Nightlife and Door Policies

This was a fascinating article about door policies and dress codes for bars and night clubs. It is an interview with Sin Bosier, the “queen of San Diego nightlife.” She is a hospitality consultant in the San Diego area and has quite a positive reputation. She does a lot of marketing and consulting for some 200 night clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels in San Diego, so she really knows her stuff. The question asked in this article was when does a dress code drive business and when does it drive it away. In other words, how much does dress code impact the bottom line and where is the line between just right and too much?

This is really interesting because it allows us to peek behind the scenes a bit and learn some of the reasons for door policies and dress codes. For instance, a “no sandals” policy may be in place to protect the night club from any liability issues were someone to get cut on broken glass while wearing sandals in the establishment. Yes, some places may have a dress code to keep the clientele of a certain standard (at least by dress) but it goes way beyond that.

It made me see doormen, or “bouncers,” where I come from, in a totally different light. These guys are not just burly, steely eyed oafs sitting on chairs toying with people by letting some in and leaving some out in the cold. No, there is a science to it. These guys have to be on top of their game, be sharp and really pay attention when they are letting people in. Their job requires a certain level of detail; they must be very observant and quite intuitive. It is impressive when you think about it.
As Sin discusses the nuances of door policies and dress codes for night clubs, you will be enlightened. This article will certainly open your eyes, I know it did mine.

So, what is the craziest door policy you have ever encountered? Do you have any door policy stories you would like to share? What about dress codes – any crazy dress code stories you ran across on a fun night out?

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