Monday, May 17, 2010

Drivers and Inverters - Part Deux

After seeing a few items that were left out, we realized a few other pertinent information should be told about EL Wire Drivers and EL Wire Inverters. The main difference between a Driver and an Inverter are drivers are generally hand held. Drivers are common to battery packs or any portable device that makes your EL Wire glow. You will notice them in EL Wire Glasses, bracelets, and many different sized battery packs.

On the flipside, Inverters generally have a AC or wall unit that it plugs into, in order for the EL Wire to glow. The Inverter changes the energy given from the wall into a smaller, usable dosage for the proper length of EL Wire. This keeps your EL Wire lasting the longest it possibly can, while also making sure that it is as bright as can possibly be. Without the inverter, EL Wire will be just as bright, but will transfer too much energy causing the EL Wire to short, or go through a more rapid lifespan.

The correct size for your project can make a big difference when talking inverters. You should start by making sure you have your concept first. Then turn your concept into a quantifiable number. Say you have 4 walls that need to glow, and each wall needs to have two strands. If each wall is 10 feet long, then a total of 80 feet need to be accounted for, unless you have more before or after. Each inverter has a specific length involved so making sure you have selected the correct length can mean having your concept succeed.

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