Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time to Upgrade - Hello 4G

These days smart phone technology changes faster than some people change their underwear. First 2G takes the world by storm with the original iPhone. Then every company jockies for position for the number 1 spot with 3G Technology. Now, companies are hanging on to weeks as they do everything in their power to release their latest 4g phone before the iPhone (smart phone killer) comes into play. Even though AT&T may not even have the 4G technology for the rest of the year, the new iPhone 4G is the most sought after device in phone history.

In their first release, the new iPhone 4G's sold over 600,000 devices in a single day. Setting history, Apple and AT&T decided to put the second wave off about a month or so to give their factories time to create the second wave of devices. Compared to the 3GS release a year ago, the 4G iPhone's sold 10x the amount. We will wait and see until the new phone releases and we can see the device in action, but knowing the release of previous Apple installations, the new iPhone 4G should be nothing short of awesome.

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