Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Nightclub

You hear a lot of name dropping from those who frequent popular nightclubs. “I went to (insert club name) last night, and we saw (insert celebrity name).” That’s all fine if you like that kind of thing, but I’d rather go to a club that’s unusual, or at least original. So with that in mind, there are some pretty awesome night clubs out there that think outside the box, and here are a few.

Ice Bars seem to be quite common in many areas of the world, but they are fairly rare in the Middle East for some pretty obvious reasons. Running an Ice Bar in the Niger Desert has to be somewhat of a challenge, but it seems that the owners of Chillout, in Dubai, are up to the task. Everything is carved from ice, and with the temperature kept at around 20 F, it’s a good thing that your cover charge includes a coat, snow boots, and gloves.

If you are a Lord of The Rings fan, this night club would be perfect. Hobbit House, in the Philippines, is a themed club based on the Tolkien trilogy, and the entire staff is made up of dwarves. While this would certainly not go over well in our society, where Politically Correct is taken to new and amazing extremes, but this club opened more than 35 years ago and is still thriving. Dressed as hobbits, the staff entertains guests with singing, juggling, flame eaters, and even an Elvis impersonator. Some might think that this club represents exploitation, but it is giving people from impoverished areas a chance to work for something better for themselves.

The Alux Restaurant and Lounge, in Mexico, is an underground night club, literally. This unusual night club and restaurant is actually a real underground cavern, right down to the stalactites and stalagmites which are lit up with glowing colors. Thankfully, bats are not included in the atmosphere of this beautiful club.

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