Monday, January 23, 2012

Floating Nightclub Design Proposed In China

New Nightclub Design Proposed in Hong Kong

As space is becoming more and more of a commodity in the busy streets of Hong Kong, some bars are turning to another approach. Hanging from other buildings. A project that just won 3rd prize in the "Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong International Competition" is looking to do just this. 

Urban Plunger, a young architectural firm made this concept and is hoping for it to become a reality. The proposed structure is 100% suspended from nearby buildings and completely inaccessible from the street level. Leaning on nearby buildings, this unique architectural delight may become a standard among Hong Kong bars over the coming decade or two. 

The lowest (above street level) portion will host the nightclub, while the mid-level will accommodate the lobby, swimming pool, and restaurant. The upper portion will be hotel guest rooms if this proposition goes through. The building is proposed to be street level elevators which would be open to the public to view the  spectacular nightclub and lobby.

How do they do it? The entire building would be suspended from nearby buildings and transfer its entire load to its neighbors allowing the use of new age composite materials for the structure. Whether this will ever come to fruition or not, its certainly an inspiration for future bar designs to come. 

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