Thursday, June 13, 2019

LED Faux Neon Effects Made Easily With Pixel-Free LED Trim

Ellumiglow offers many different types of lighting technologies for all things signage - from video walls, to custom LED-based faux-neon lighting, RGB mixable lighting tubes, all the way to the cutting edge of Laser Wire side-emitting laser cabling technology that’s easy to integrate into the most challenging of substrates, textiles, and surfaces.

With the new Pixel Free LED Trim profile strip, a neon-like illumination element that measures a thin 4mm by 10mm (4mm illumination area, side emitting), custom illuminated displays can be created like never before. The copper tape is cuttable ever 25mm, allowing for less design constraint when creating custom channeling and planning cable routing. The special diffusion layer within the LED Trim strip completely eliminates any hot spotting or visible points of light (one of the most common complaints with LED strips, especially with design specific applications). The shallow depth of the lighting element allows it to be installed into substrates and recessed more easily, since it does not additional diffusion to obtain a perfectly diffused appearance.

This LED lighting strip is available in multiple white color temperatures from cool to warm white, as well as red, blue, green, and yellow. Pixel Free Trim operates at a highly-efficient 24VDC, making it compatible with many existing LED power systems. It does not require the use of AC power for illumination at the strip, making it a safe solution to use for custom sign solutions. We do recommend some basic knowledge of LED wiring and soldering skills when on-site assembly and installation is required.

We do not recommend bending the lighting element with a radius of less than 30mm, since this can stress the internal lighting components and the copper PCB strip. This is a smaller diameter when compared to similar types of faux-neon LED based light strips.

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