Saturday, January 4, 2020

Product Announcement - Pixel-Free LED 360 - A Tube Light To Replace Neon

There are certain products that we get pretty excited about, and there's other products we get pee-your-pants excited about. Today's product announcement is the latter, so if you want to see one of the coolest products of 2020, keep reading.

Pixel-Free LED 360 is a brand new product for a new decade, but that replaces decades old technology; NEON. Over the past decade, LEDs have replaced so many lighting sources like incandescent bulbs, halogen, florescent bulbs, and even old-school Edison Bulbs. But what LEDs have struggled to find the perfect replacement for is Neon. Neon's unique 360 degree characteristics have made it a very sought after replacement, but also extremely difficult to master. Until now, the best anyone has been able to achieve is a 270 degree glow, but no light has achieved a full 360 degree perfectly diffused glow. 

Pixel-Free LED 360 LED Tube Light achieves all the sought after effects, providing a perfectly diffused (no hot spots), light throughout the entire line, that is so versatile that it's perfect for designers, retail, trade show, commercial, residential, and many more. 

Now, just about anyone can work with Neon like effects without knowledge of glass blowing, harmful gases, and expensive machinery. Pixel-Free can be customized from our factory to nearly any length, and provides a beautiful Neon-like appearance from EVERY angle.  

For information on how Pixel-Free LED 360, or any LED strip light product can be used on your next project, please contact us at or call 877-615-6556. 

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