Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pixel-Free LED - A Hybrid Light That's Part Neon, Part Awesome

One of the biggest requests we hear at Ellumiglow.com is, "we want something that looks like Neon, but isn't Neon." We heard you and that's why we created Pixel-Free LED. The world's first and most versatile light strip that's perfect for stage performances, retail and trade show displays, safety, signage and more. Neon looks cool, but the chemicals used are harsh, difficult to work with, fragile and require advanced knowledge of glass. Pixel-Free LED is easy to work with and customize, bright and even changes colors (with RGB).

Flexible, diffused and customizable, Pixel-Free LED strip lighting checks all the boxes for today's most popular requests. Many times, custom display and production companies spend a great deal of time and resources to diffuse LED hot spotting in their displays because today's high end clients don't want to have to subject their customers on the harsh reality of today's bright LEDs. Instead, Pixel-Free LED offers pleasant, direct view lighting solutions in an affordable, easy to use package that's ready for installation without having to alter designs to get rid of hot spotting.

For more information on Pixel-Free LED or for wholesale opportunities, please contact info@ellumiglow.com or call 877.615.6556.

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