Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Laser Wire Retail Packaging Lighting Demo/Install

POP Displays are there to attract attention. Sure companies these days are using LED's, and EL Wire, but have you seen any using Laser Wire? Maybe not today, but over the next few years, many companies will start using this fantastic lighting technology for many reasons:

1. Size - They say size matters, but in the lighting world, it really does. Being able to tuck your lighting elements and hide them into places is of huge importance to the retail  industry. Seeing wires or bulky circuit boards are rarely desired, so having a clean, neat lighting element to enhance various facets of a lighting installs are needed in the industry. Laser Wire by Fibrance addresses these issues using an overall diameter of about 0.9mm.

2. Flexibility - Most wires have an internal wire membrane inside which keeps the wire relatively rigid, and keeps a memory. For areas where straight lines are needed, this simply is not acceptable. Making a wire with a memory straight can be an undertaking, but when using Laser Wire by Fibrance, your issues are solved. Because there is no internal core, the wire does not keep a memory like other products. When comparing the flexibility to any other wire source, the lack of core makes the wire extremely flexible and able to be used in countless retail applications.

3. Brightness - When attracting attention, people are naturally drawn to glowy, blinky things (that's the technical term). Seeing the brilliance of Laser Wire by Fibrance needs to be seen in person, as there's nothing on the planet quite like this.

Below is a quick demonstration on how to incorporate Laser Wire by Fibrance into your next lighting project.

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