Friday, June 14, 2013

The Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country fair is a celebration unlike any other, bringing Oregon's greatest creators together for a weekend of magical fun. Crafters, entertainers and artists of all sorts show there wares and talents off in permanent booths built directly into the forest in Vaneta, Oregon, a short drive from Eugene. This three day festival is where Oregon's roots come together, and grow together. You will see a diverse and interesting crowd ranging from newborns to old timers, making this event as diverse the vendors themselves.

At the Oregon Country Fair you can see just about anything with magic just around the Corner. Parades blare music trudging along the paths lined with vendors hawking there wares. A diverse and sustainable event, at the fair you will find hippies galore. Potters, jewelers, weavers, woodworkers, you name it, if it has a rich crafting history you will find a vendor there. Performance areas are peppered throughout the forest, so when your in need of a rest a show will entertain you in the meantime.

Camping at the fair is a fun and loyalty inspiring experience, with a variety of camps to choose from each with its own pros and cons. Quiet Camps is great for old timers and families because at this camp you need to be...quiet. The Darling Reunion Campground has been hosting a giant private party every Saturday for as long as I can remember, and at this camp you will have the most space and the seasoned folk. Shady Rest located directly adjacent to Darlings, is the closest campground at the fair. You will have slightly less space, but that isn't always a bad thing because at shady rest is always popping. Ellenwood is a new campground that I know nothing about and EZ camp is just easy, straight up.

But the best thing about the fair is the people. At the Oregon Country Fair you will find some of the best vibes known to man, as Oregon's best come together for a weekend of fun and family. The old teach the young, the strange get stranger, and most important of all no one judges. This allows for some pretty wild creations, and for the timid to let there imaginations run wild and come up with some of the most innovating and interesting ideas around for costumes and creations. Your sure to learn a thing or two, and meet some of the most amazing people around at OCF, so DON'T MISS OUT!!!!

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