Monday, January 28, 2013

Discover the Savings with the New LED Sign Light

Today, it is important to save energy with any type of lighting whether it is residential or commercial. Many residential customers of light bulbs though, are still unsure of LED bulbs being the answer to this issue, because they cost so much money per bulb. However, they are being seen as the answer for commercial applications especially in the area of infrastructure and roadway signage illumination thanks to a new offering from Dialight.

This new offering is the StreetSense LED Roadway Sign Light. The company has brought out two versions of this light to better suit signage needs. The first one is a 70W lamp (produces 6,000 lumen) that is ideal in groups for larger signs above 14 x 14 feet. The second choice is a 40W lamp (produces 4,000 lumen) and is designed for the smaller signs. They use a third less power over previous models according to the research conducted by the company.

The bulbs will last longer according to the company. When tested, they are still putting out as much as 70 percent of lumen after even 60,000 hours of use. This results in the bulbs being changed far less than HID metal halide light sources.

Traditional roadway sign lights are a major cost to operate and take too much maintenance, according to Dialight Group Chief Executive, Roy Burton. He goes onto to talk about all the traffic issues caused by HID lighting fixtures being changed frequently. These problems are all addressed with the StreetSense LED lights. The cost of operating and maintaining roadway signage is reduced drastically by a huge 75 percent when compared to the 100W to 250W HID lights on top of it taking less manpower hours. This means workers are more available for other important tasks.

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