Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coachella in 2 Weeks - Get Your Last Minute EL Wire NOW!

New 2012 48' EL Wire Kit
As Coachella is quickly approaching, we realize that we need to get our safety or (more likely), party-time lights. Luckily, we still have many of our most popular EL Wire Kits available and ready for immediate shipment. Our new 2012 EL Kits have up to 48' of wire available in portable form. This means your whole body can be glowing from head to toe across the Polo Fields of Coachella Valley listening to your favorite band or DJ.

Flowtoys are nearly a necessity to have for big groups of people. They are such a unique, beautiful light, that they keep groups of 2's up to hundreds all together because the lights are so noticeable, unique, and they also make a great light show. Made for light dancing, but built by engineers, these LED Lights are perfect for the Valley.

So hurry up and make your way to to pick up your last minute lighting needs and be sure to be seen in the desert!

And no, daft will not be there... again... :(

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