Monday, September 16, 2013

3rd Annual Tron Costume Contest Coming Up! Stay Tuned

Programs! Get your costumes ready. We had so much fun that we need to do this again. This year, we're expecting our best Glow in the Dark Tron Costume Contest turnout ever! Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for more information on the upcoming event.

This year we want submissions from parents, kids (with parents permission of course), and anyone from around the Grid. Make sure to submit your best photo for your chance to win some cool prizes (TBD). All entries accepted through Halloween and get your friends to join in on the fun to help pick the winners.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last Chance Burning Man Light Sale!

As Burning Man 2013 is quickly approaching, making sure you and your bike light up on the Playa is one of the keys to a safe festival. We want to make sure everyone has a safe Burning Man, so we are extending our Burning Man sale through August 19th, so everyone has a chance to illuminate themselves on the Playa. 


Because there are very few outside lighting sources at Burning Man, making sure you are seen is the only way to ensure your safety. Carefully crafted EL Wire and EL Tape costumes are a great way to illuminate yourself and provide a cool costume in the darkness of the moon.

EL Tape Costume Kit

Each EL Wire Kit or EL Tape Kit comes with everything you need to get your costume into high visibility action, and all the tough stuff is done for you. Simply plug in your EL products to the battery pack and start glowing! All of our kits come with pre-soldered connections so there's no guess work involved, just select your favorite colors and start glowing!
EL Wire Vest
EL Wire Kits

Our last chance Burning Man sale is going on through August 19th, simply enter coupon code: BM2013 at checkout for your special discount. See ya'll on the playa!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fireworks For the 4th - Keep It Safe - Keep It Legal

Fireworks on Lake Suwa
There are few companies that like fireworks more than we do, but that being said, we wanted to take a moment to review the safety elements in order to get maximum fulfillment out of our nations Independence Day and fireworks extravaganza. So let’s go over some ground rules and general information about fireworks.

A permit or license is not required to buy legal consumer fireworks in any state, but it’s a good idea to check your local laws to see what fireworks are legal. Certain states ban fireworks altogether like New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, so make sure you are operating with caution this holiday season.

Connecticut, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Vemont permit sparklers, and very little else. Wyoming permits only CPSC approved fireworks, and Montana prohibits skyrockets, roman candles and bottle rockets. If you are hopping on a plane for the 4th, make sure you leave your fireworks at home. The FAA prohibits fireworks on ALL carry-on and checked bags (with good reason!). To find out what fireworks are legal in your state, click here.

Be safe, have fun and light off some spectacular lights this 4th! Oh, and remember what we're doing it for... The Independence of this great nation.

Friday, June 21, 2013

How the American DJ WiFly will change everything for the mobile DJ

Here at Ellumiglow, we have been setting up lighting installations for quite some time. And one of the biggest hassles in this process, is cabling. With permanent installations, its not all that bad. You go through the process once and you're usually good to go for quite some time. Sure you might tweak the system a little bit, add or remove lights here and there, but you have your basic structure in place. Getting all of your lights throughout your venue connected to a single DMX controller takes careful planning and often times limits your setup, and when you are doing this multiple times a week or even a night in different venues and bars, it can become quite tedious and time consuming. The American DJ WiFly is about to change all of that.

With the American DJ WiFly, you gain complete freedom from DMX cables. In essence, it replaces all of your DMX cables with a wifi system. Just connect your transmitter to your DMX controller, and your lights to receivers, and establish a connection, and you should be good to go. And when combined with ADJ Go, WiFly products, or other lights with a lithium battery, you gain complete freedom from cables altogether. Setting up your lights becomes as simple as establishing a Wifi connection and charging your lights with the new American DJ WiFly system.

This impacts mobile DJs in a huge way. Setting up your lights is now easier than ever, and so much less of a hassle to boot. It's just one less thing to worry about before you go on stage to play. You no longer need to worry about lugging around heavy cables, or really even think about how to make your lighting setup fit together. You can place your lights anywhere within 500 feet of your transmitter with an open line of sight, which adds an incredible amount of flexibility to your lighting setup.

The American DJ WiFly adds so much value to any lighting setup, and with a modest price, it really should be a no brainer for every mobile entertainer. Take your freedom from cables!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country fair is a celebration unlike any other, bringing Oregon's greatest creators together for a weekend of magical fun. Crafters, entertainers and artists of all sorts show there wares and talents off in permanent booths built directly into the forest in Vaneta, Oregon, a short drive from Eugene. This three day festival is where Oregon's roots come together, and grow together. You will see a diverse and interesting crowd ranging from newborns to old timers, making this event as diverse the vendors themselves.

At the Oregon Country Fair you can see just about anything with magic just around the Corner. Parades blare music trudging along the paths lined with vendors hawking there wares. A diverse and sustainable event, at the fair you will find hippies galore. Potters, jewelers, weavers, woodworkers, you name it, if it has a rich crafting history you will find a vendor there. Performance areas are peppered throughout the forest, so when your in need of a rest a show will entertain you in the meantime.

Camping at the fair is a fun and loyalty inspiring experience, with a variety of camps to choose from each with its own pros and cons. Quiet Camps is great for old timers and families because at this camp you need to be...quiet. The Darling Reunion Campground has been hosting a giant private party every Saturday for as long as I can remember, and at this camp you will have the most space and the seasoned folk. Shady Rest located directly adjacent to Darlings, is the closest campground at the fair. You will have slightly less space, but that isn't always a bad thing because at shady rest is always popping. Ellenwood is a new campground that I know nothing about and EZ camp is just easy, straight up.

But the best thing about the fair is the people. At the Oregon Country Fair you will find some of the best vibes known to man, as Oregon's best come together for a weekend of fun and family. The old teach the young, the strange get stranger, and most important of all no one judges. This allows for some pretty wild creations, and for the timid to let there imaginations run wild and come up with some of the most innovating and interesting ideas around for costumes and creations. Your sure to learn a thing or two, and meet some of the most amazing people around at OCF, so DON'T MISS OUT!!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

2013 festival season

Festival season is quickly upon us with Sasquatch beginning today! There is nothing quite like outdoor festival season as far as concert experiences go. Camping out in the sun with your friends and thousands of other people is sure to be a fun time, and there are plenty of festivals to look forward to this year!

Sasquatch is at the Gorge Amphitheater with a lineup packed full of the top names in a variety of genres, this music festival is sure to draw a large and diverse crowd(as it does every year). And the venue only adds to the magic that is Sasquatch. The Gorge amphitheater is a huge outdoor amphitheater in the middle of the eastern Washington high desert, and only a short walk from the camping area, creating a completely submersive festival experience. Some of the top names across the board are Mumford & Sons, The Postal Service, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, The XX, The Lumineers, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Cake, Empire of the Sun, Rusko, Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, The Tallest Man on Earth, Earl Sweatshirt, P.O.S., Baauer, Capital Cities, and more.

EDC is only a month away, and is one of my personal favorites! Nothing compares to this MASSIVE festival that takes over Vegas once a year. Walking down the strip you are sure to see your fair of share of kandi-kids this time of year. Located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, this gigantic venue houses over 300,000 people over three days. At the Disneyland of music festivals, be prepared for large crowds and massive stages! You will most certainly see at least a few of your favorites at this staple of music festivals.

The following weekend Paradiso begins at the gorge! One of my all time favorite music festivals, this amazing show combines the big names of EDC with the magic of the Gorge amphitheater and nothing says after party like a large camping area. Featuring some of EDM's biggest names with Tiësto and Kaskade headlining, you can look forward to also seeing Adventure Club, Boregore, Bro Safari, Cazzette, Crizzly, Eric Prydz, Figure, Gramatik, Infected Mushroom, Kill The Noise, Liquid Stranger, Maedon, Michael Woods, Morgan Page, Mt. Eden, Nervo, Noisia, Pegboard Nerds, Porter Robinson, Savoy, Schoolboy, Tommy Trash, and Zeds Dead.

While Paradiso is happening at the Gorge, Electric Forest will be happening across the country. Another fantastic outdoor, and one of my dream festivals should i ever get the motivation to travel out there, Electric Forest is said to have vibes unlike any other. The beautiful Sherwood Forest is Michigan is lit up for a weekend by some outstanding artists including The String Cheese Incident, Pretty Lights, Passion Pit, Knife Party, Above and Beyond, Lotus, Benny Benassi, Beatz Antique, Maedon, Tommy Trash, Morgan page, A-Trak, Krewella, Nervo, Kill the Noise, Baauer, Noisia, Flosstradamus, RL Grime, Clockwork, Le Castle Vania, and many more.

With festivals and music like this, it is shaping up to be an outstanding outdoor season, and it has only just begun!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Know your Customer – and who you want your Customer to Be

It isn’t enough to know who your customer is; you need to know who you want your customer to be. As a business owner, you determine, for the most part, your customer base. You decide what demographic you want to attract, to sell to, to have patronize your establishment. It is an important fact that many business owners overlook. They go about it backwards, thinking about their product or service and how the customer can use it instead of thinking about their customer and how they can tailor their product or service to address that customer’s needs.

I liked what the article said about finding an identity. You need to, as a business, find out who you are and work that to the best of your ability. As they said, you can’t always be something for everyone. No matter the size of the company or the vast amount of products or services they offer, it cannot offer something for everyone. Even large companies with vast and varied products will find at least a few sects of the population that will not be interested in what they have to offer. As a small business owner, you need to know who you are.

Now, that does not mean that you must limit your company to just one demographic. No, if your product or service appeals to housewives as well as business men, more power to you! Pursue those groups with all the gusto you can manage. But make sure that you are targeting your marketing efforts to those groups and not just throwing random efforts to the wind to see what gets a response. Know who you are selling to and who you want to draw in – but don’t lose your creativity.

There is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box. If there is a niche that you think may work, go for it. Just don’t pin all your hopes on a long shot. Keep your set customer base demographic happy and keep marketing to them as well. It will help you build a rock solid business.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Night Club Screen Gems – The Basics

If you own or operate a night club, you should consider adding screen gems to your establishment in order to enhance the clubbing experience for your patrons. These are screens with high-resolution that have the ability to create absolutely fantastic visuals and backdrops that are considered to be life-like. The co-owners of the company LBH Dynamics, Michael Marcoe and Zach Nesbitt, are directly responsible for manufacturing screen gems and other types of screens that are utilized in night clubs and similar types of establishments. In this brief guide, you will learn some of the basics regarding screen gems from these Florida-based professionals. If you are interested in purchasing and setting up a video system in your night club, you will benefit from the information contained here.

LBH Dynamics is directly responsible for creating display units that utilize LED lights. The company works closely with the establishments that require video systems, and create units that will enhance the satisfaction of those that frequent those businesses. They ensure that each and every establishment that purchases a unit from them receives a system that is physically accommodating to their needs and operates in a manner that is consistent to the entertainment that they offer. Given the fact that their systems are considered to be high-priced, they know and understand the importance of delivering products that will prove to be financially beneficial for a company, and avoid providing a “One Size Fits All” model because of the fact that many screen gems may be too small to optimize customer satisfaction in those establishments and many may be so large that they make the customers of such an establishment uncomfortable in one way or another. If you want screen gems integrated into your night club, you should utilize a professional to determine what size is most beneficial for your specific establishment.

According to Marcoe and Nesbitt, when screen gems are designed, one of the most important things that they focus on is referred to as the “Pitch”. This is the actual distance that is located between the pixels that are located within a LED display. If the pitch of the video system is low, it will have a high level of resolution. This would result in being able to view the screen at short distances. In other words, if you have a small establishment, you can utilize a low pitch system. However, if you have a large establishment, you would need a video system that has a high pitch system. When opting for a system, it is essential to ensure that you consider the viewing area of your customers at your night club. You should never opt for a system that is right off the shelf because, when doing so, you may actually reduce the satisfaction of your patrons due to the fact that it could be too low of a pitch or too high of a pitch for your building.

In addition to determine the pitch for your establishment, you must consider how much money you are willing to invest in the video system that you want to obtain for your night club. You should ensure that the unit has the capability of delivering enough satisfaction to your patrons that they frequent your establishment more often, spend more time there and spend more money while in your night club. This is why it is important to make certain that the video system is suitable to the size of your business. However, these are not inexpensive. On average, you will spend anywhere from $120,000.00 to $300,000.00 for the unit. If you want a high-end system, you will pay higher prices. However, you must ensure that the unit will yield a high return on investment. By utilizing screen gems in your night club, you have the ability to attract new customers and higher levels of success; but, you also have the ability to lose money. Researching screen gems and choosing a suitable manufacturer and distributor are the keys to your success and the success of your night club.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Loaded Message: Promotional and Marketing Trends to Watch

Well, I just read “10 Trends to Watch for your Promotions and Marketing Mix” by Alissa Ponchione. It focuses on the bar and nightclub industry. Good tips, timely advice, but there is something between the lines that is very telling. Actually, there were several somethings...

First, while this article focuses on bars and nightclubs, the scope certainly does not end there. Other businesses from dog grooming facilities to car salesmen can benefit from at least the gist of this piece. The main push here is to know your industry. This piece talks about bar trends and nightclub trends, but, really, if you are in business, then you need to be looking at the trends within your industry. You need to know what is driving your customers, what are they gravitating to, what is at the top of their Christmas list to Santa?

Another thing that struck me is the importance that social media plays. It is becoming bigger and bigger. Ten years ago, this was not a big deal. Today, if your business doesn’t have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, people will look at you wonky and wonder just how “real” your business is. It is fascinating! But social media is pretty easy to use and access so if you aren’t utilizing it to its fullest extent, then maybe you are a little wonky.

Finally, there were some things in this piece that sort of got to me. As I read about “current trends” that included disco. I suspect it is more of an updated version of disco and I don’t think we’ll see many white polyester suits on the dance floor, but it is still intriguing. And the “drinks of the past” that are regaining popularity like the Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour and the Manhattan. The trends are coming full circle. Fascinating.

There is a lot to glean from this piece, whether you have a bar or nightclub or not. It teaches a very important lesson about knowing your niche, knowing your customer and not only aiming your promotional and marketing efforts to them, but also giving them what they want.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Breaking the Code: Nightlife and Door Policies

This was a fascinating article about door policies and dress codes for bars and night clubs. It is an interview with Sin Bosier, the “queen of San Diego nightlife.” She is a hospitality consultant in the San Diego area and has quite a positive reputation. She does a lot of marketing and consulting for some 200 night clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels in San Diego, so she really knows her stuff. The question asked in this article was when does a dress code drive business and when does it drive it away. In other words, how much does dress code impact the bottom line and where is the line between just right and too much?

This is really interesting because it allows us to peek behind the scenes a bit and learn some of the reasons for door policies and dress codes. For instance, a “no sandals” policy may be in place to protect the night club from any liability issues were someone to get cut on broken glass while wearing sandals in the establishment. Yes, some places may have a dress code to keep the clientele of a certain standard (at least by dress) but it goes way beyond that.

It made me see doormen, or “bouncers,” where I come from, in a totally different light. These guys are not just burly, steely eyed oafs sitting on chairs toying with people by letting some in and leaving some out in the cold. No, there is a science to it. These guys have to be on top of their game, be sharp and really pay attention when they are letting people in. Their job requires a certain level of detail; they must be very observant and quite intuitive. It is impressive when you think about it.
As Sin discusses the nuances of door policies and dress codes for night clubs, you will be enlightened. This article will certainly open your eyes, I know it did mine.

So, what is the craziest door policy you have ever encountered? Do you have any door policy stories you would like to share? What about dress codes – any crazy dress code stories you ran across on a fun night out?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Successfully Manage DJ Artists

If you are in a position where you are responsible for managing the careers of those that specialize in DJ work, you have likely discovered that it is not an easy endeavor. Yes, it is a rewarding career, but an exceptionally challenging one. Two individuals that specialize in DJ artist management through their talent company located in New York, Yoni Goldberg and Damon DeGaff, know and understand the challenges associated with the undertaking and are now relaying their expertise to others in the field of DJ artist management. These individuals are directly responsible for developing and creating superstars. A few of the individuals that they currently work with include Rev Run, DJ Ruckus and David Berrie. The name of the company that these professionals founded in the year 2003 is dGi Management. In this brief guide, you will learn a few of their suggestions on how to properly manage DJ artists.


When managing individuals that specialize in DJ work, it is imperative that you ensure that the professionals receive a high level of hospitality. As with any professional, when the DJ is treated with the highest end luxuries and the best services, they will – in turn – provide the highest quality and best services possible to those which they perform. Yoni Goldberg uses an example of a business located in Las Vegas, called “The Palms”. He claims when his DJs enter the facility that: “They’re treated like they own the place.” When managing DJs it is imperative that you learn what the professionals prefer, what they do not prefer, what they want, and what they do not want. Then, you must create a high level of hospitality that provides the DJ artist with the situations and amenities that enjoy. DJs love to be pampered. By engaging in this practice, you will find that these individuals meet, and even exceed, all expectations when they perform.


The next step to managing DJ artists is to ensure that you provide the best of the best when it comes to equipment pieces, such as the sound system and the lights that will be utilized during their performances. DJs are artists. Each performance that they provide is their personal signature. Having a fine-tuned, high-quality sound system, coupled with the most technologically advanced light system is of the upmost importance to these professionals. As with any job, the DJ artists for hire today require specific tools and resources in order to provide an optimal performance. By ensuring that you place a special emphasis on providing the most innovative and advanced equipment, you are sure to receive a vibrant and memorable performance by the DJ artists that you manage.

Establish a Long-Term Relationship

When managing DJ artists, it is essential that you place an emphasis on developing and establishing a long-term relationship with the professional that you are working with. While it is true that most do have their share of one time gigs, it is important that they are provided with long-term gigs that will assist in providing some degree of financial and professional security. You should book these professionals in all of the jobs that you are able to, but should place a special focus on those jobs that permit the professional to perform more than once.


As you can see, managing the DJ artist may be a bit challenging and it does take quite a bit of work; however, by providing a high level of hospitality, providing high-quality tools and resources and establishing long-term relationships with your DJ artists, you are sure to find that you are pleased with their performances. In addition to this, the DJs will be pleased with you and your management techniques. As a result, they are likely to provide their services to you for the best rates, and for the longest periods of time. DJ artists have the capability of enhancing your business and contributing to the success of other businesses. As with any professional in the creative arts, value, appreciation, respect and rewards go a long way in attracting a DJ on a long-term basis.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Europe’s Top Party Cities

Barcelona is one of Spain’s party headquarters. This incredibly beautiful city can be found in the north eastern part of Spain, and it offers something for everyone. During the days you can spend time shopping, take in some of the classic Gaudi architecture, such as Casa Batllo, one of Barcelona’s most unusual houses, or spend a day relaxing at the beach. When night falls, it’s time to party. Clubs are sprinkled liberally throughout Barcelona, with every kind of music that you could want, and styles that change with each neighborhood. The most popular clubs can be found in the waterfront area, and they don’t even open their doors until midnight so the party continues well into the morning.

St. Tropez in France has long been known as a personal playground that caters to the rich and famous, and its party scene is unmatched. If you happen to be on the French Riviera any time soon, you can rub elbows with the very wealthy by stopping by some of the more popular clubs like the little places such as Les Caves du Roy,which is located in the Byblos Hotel. If you want to hang with a younger crowd, Bodega de Papagayo may be more to your tastes. St. Tropez is fairly costly, so those who aren’t independently wealthy often choose to find lodging in Cannes or Nice, and make St. Tropez an evening excursion.

What better place to party than the home of the world’s largest beer festival? You can find amazing clubs and bars in any German city, but Munich is easily the best party city in the country. Munich has a very large population of college age residents, and where there are college kids, there are parties. Like many other cities throughout Europe, the evening starts at bars, and then the partiers continue on to the many dance clubs which operate nearly all night, some of which don’t close until 4 am. One of the more popular clubs is Prinzregentenstrabe 1, which served as a USO Club while WWII was being fought.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rave Survival Tips

The term “Rave” came into existence in the 80’s, it was used to describe an Acid House party where people dressed in outrageous clothing and danced all night to cheesy techno beats. From a parent’s point of view raves are not a safe way to spend a weekend and if my daughter said she wanted to go to one, I’d probably place her in the nearest convent. However, if you had asked me that question when I was 20, I would have told you that I had a friend who said they were great….as long as you know how to stay safe.

There WILL be drugs! Those signs that say safety zone, drug free zone, etc. aren’t worth the neon poster board that they’re printed on. If you are serious about going to a rave, you’d better know what people are offering you. The most common drug that you’ll see at a rave is MDMA (“Ecstasy”). No drug is safe, but there are different degrees of danger. Simply telling someone not to take drugs is unrealistic, that’s a personal choice, but at least make it with your eyes wide open to the dangers. Do a little research on some of the things that you’ll be most likely to encounter.

Go with someone that you know well, preferably someone who has been to a few of these parties. I know that this may come as a shock, but there are some VERY bad people out there. Having someone slip a little something into your drink is more common than people admit, so take someone that you can trust to watch your back.

Ok, enough raving about how dangerous a rave can be, let’s get down to the important part. What should you wear? The answer to that is, absolutely anything. Since you’ll be dancing, and partying, be comfortable. Wear loose fitting, light clothing. As far as colors go, anything neon is popular, along with glow sticks, LED shirts, and wild wigs. Fitting in isn’t really a problem, the more you stand out, the more you fit in. It's all about having fun.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Starting A Successful Nightclub

The nightclub industry is notoriously fickle, just as fickle as those who frequent nightclubs. Let’s face it, the main reason that a lot of people go to nightclubs is to be with the “in” crowd, and the latest trend may only last for what seems like a few weeks. This means that a nightclub that is THE place to be today could find itself struggling tomorrow. The key to success would seem to be for your club to be as changeable as its patrons. Before you worry about how to stay on top you have to get there, and there is nothing easy about starting a nightclub. Before you begin, research every aspect of your plan and honestly ask yourself if this is something that you can realistically accomplish.

A good business plan can be your best friend when starting out. You’ll need to outline and examine every all of the critical aspects of the operation, right down to the last small details. This will include what type of resources that you will need to start with, and projected expenses, as well as how you plant to make a profit. A well written account of all this information can make a big impact when you are looking for potential investors, vendors, and customers.

Location is another critical part of your success. You’ll need to consider parking, safety, accessibility, and even the economic situation in and around your location. Knowing a little about the history about the location of your business can be very helpful in choosing the décor of your nightclub, as you’ll want it to mesh well with its surroundings.

Once you’ve found a location that you think may be suitable, you will have look into obtaining the proper licensing and permits. This can be somewhat difficult and very costly. Many municipalities limit the number of licenses that they issue making them somewhat hard to obtain.
If your nightclub becomes a success there is a great deal of money to be made. Getting to the top won’t be a walk in the park, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Nightclub

You hear a lot of name dropping from those who frequent popular nightclubs. “I went to (insert club name) last night, and we saw (insert celebrity name).” That’s all fine if you like that kind of thing, but I’d rather go to a club that’s unusual, or at least original. So with that in mind, there are some pretty awesome night clubs out there that think outside the box, and here are a few.

Ice Bars seem to be quite common in many areas of the world, but they are fairly rare in the Middle East for some pretty obvious reasons. Running an Ice Bar in the Niger Desert has to be somewhat of a challenge, but it seems that the owners of Chillout, in Dubai, are up to the task. Everything is carved from ice, and with the temperature kept at around 20 F, it’s a good thing that your cover charge includes a coat, snow boots, and gloves.

If you are a Lord of The Rings fan, this night club would be perfect. Hobbit House, in the Philippines, is a themed club based on the Tolkien trilogy, and the entire staff is made up of dwarves. While this would certainly not go over well in our society, where Politically Correct is taken to new and amazing extremes, but this club opened more than 35 years ago and is still thriving. Dressed as hobbits, the staff entertains guests with singing, juggling, flame eaters, and even an Elvis impersonator. Some might think that this club represents exploitation, but it is giving people from impoverished areas a chance to work for something better for themselves.

The Alux Restaurant and Lounge, in Mexico, is an underground night club, literally. This unusual night club and restaurant is actually a real underground cavern, right down to the stalactites and stalagmites which are lit up with glowing colors. Thankfully, bats are not included in the atmosphere of this beautiful club.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dressing Right for a Rave

While going to a rave will be unlike any other experience you can have, you do need to ensure you are dressed properly for the experience. Different situations will call for different attire and you need to be prepared to anything that can happen.

You’ll want to begin the process by considering the venue you will be going to. Obviously, if you are at an outdoor event, you want to have on clothing that can get dirty without any problems. For events indoors, you can get away with better quality clothing. No matter what you wear though, it should allow you to dance freely, without falling off your body.

The clothing you end up choosing for the event should be appropriate. What you will find is that you don’t want to stick out in a bad way. Try to keep things cool and in tune with the theme of the rave, if it has one. In the event you want to stand out in a positive manner, you can throw on some items that will glow in the dark and have people checking you out while you dance.

Dressing for a rave doesn’t have to be a difficult task. As long as you pay attention to the little details, you can look like you actually belong there.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Time to Change if You Are One of These Guys

Walking into the club, you see different types of guys in the room. While some of them are pretty cool, others are people you want to avoid. In many cases, guys don’t realize it when they fall into one of these categories. Take a quick look and make sure you aren’t one of these problem types.

The first is the guy who buys a girl a drink and feels like he should follow her for the night. Just because you buy her a drink, doesn’t mean you own her. It is time for you to move on and she will let you know if she is interested.

While the guy who stalks during the night is bad, the guy grabbing women is worse. While you might think a woman is gorgeous, it doesn’t give you the right to touch her from head to toe. Be respectful and keep your hands to yourself.

Another person you don’t want to be is the guy that doesn’t tip. Your bartender will remember you and you aren’t going to get good service. Even a small tip is better than nothing at all.

If you stay on your best behavior and try to act human, you will find it wins over most people in the club. Should you find you fall into one of these negative personality types, take the time to make a conscious change. You’ll find you benefit from it in the long run.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Services for Your VIP Guests That Every Manager Should Offer

If you want VIP guests to come to your club, then you need to be prepared to cater to their needs. These individuals want top of the line services and want a reason to actually walk through your doors. Because of this, you will want to consider the following.

Offer VIP Members Extended Hours

Consider shutting down the standard club an hour before you shut down the VIP services. This will give those who have exclusive access a reason to hang back and to drink an extra hour. Typically, VIPs will tip your servers better and will encourage others to check out your club.

Mix Things up Better

When a VIP walks into a busy club, they don’t want to see the same people all the time. It is important that you create a mix of both genders and represent the different ethnicities of the area. The club should be filled with people who are interesting and exciting, while you go against the norm.

Focus on Quality with Bottle Service

You need to understand that when a VIP pays for bottle service, they expect quality in addition to the service that is being provided. Since the VIP knows they are paying 2,000% or more for a bottle of liquor, you need to ensure they are getting the royal treatment. In some cases, a VIP can be encouraged to attend your club with a couple bottles on the house, while having you make a big production about them being there.

It is important that you remember that the VIPs that come in will help you to afford to keep your nightclub open. Make sure you cater to their desires and people will continue to come in to see who might be the next big name to walk through your club doors.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Nightclubs to Hit in Las Vegas

There is no denying that Las Vegas is home of some of the best nightclubs you will find. The problem is that Vegas is so saturated with nightclubs, you need to be picky about where you go. After all, the better the clubs you attend, the more likely it will be that you have a great time.

When you are choosing the nightclubs you will visit, be prepared to spend some money. Many locations have cover charges, VIP booth fees and bottle service that you may have to pay. It is better that you ensure you can afford this in advance, rather than trying to wing it in the end.

The first location you will want to consider is The Bank, which is located at the Bellagio. This is an upscale club that spans an impressive 6,600 square feet. To get into this club, expect to pay $25 for front of the line service, while planning on bottle services to start from $513.47.

The next club for you to consider will be in the Palazzo. Here, you will find the 20,000 square foot club, LAVO. VIP packages are available for this club that range from $30 for women, to $100 or more for men.

If you head on over to Caesars, you will find the Pure Nightclub. In this location, you will find endless rooms filled with unique bars to explore. If you want to ensure you get in, a front of the line pass will cost you $40. If you want to have the VIP experience, plan on dropping at least $375.00.

For the last club in Las Vegas to consider, you will want to look at the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio. This unique lounge is known for top of the line cocktails and some truly unique scenery. If you want to get into the club, you need to plan on spending $30 to head to the front of the line, while spending $300 for VIP service.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New York City On A Budget

If you want to have a night out in New York City you should be prepared for sticker shock. A survey taken by a dating service in 2000 showed the average cost of dinner and a movie for two to be around $135. It doesn’t have to be that costly. The locals know all of the best places to go for a good time, without having to take out a personal loan.

Britain introduced us to the gastropub, where we could dine on pub foods in an ale drinking atmosphere. Now there is the gastrodive to further confuse us. The Commodore, located in Williamsburg, is a wonderful combination of bar and restaurant where you can find old arcade games, a can of Schlitz, and old music. The menu includes a flaky catfish fillet on a grilled sesame seed roll, and “pork du jour”, this is a mix of slaw, barbecued pork, and pinto beans on a soft roll. You can also get such fare as fried chicken and fries. The average cost of a main course is $9, you won’t find that very often, even outside New York City.

Weather permitting, you won’t want to miss the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, founded in 1919, the garden boasts thousands of plants, including over 70 cherry trees that bloom each spring just in time for the Sakura Matsuri Festival. There is a Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, as well as the Shakespeare Garden filled with flowers such as crocuses and primrose that have been mentioned in many of his works. The garden is wheelchair and stroller friendly, and is perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll. The price is a modest $10, $5 for students and seniors, and free for children under 12.

While admittedly New York can be an expensive town to party in, you can find many things to do that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Monday, February 11, 2013

LED Lights Take Your Rave to the Next Level

In recent years, there has been a spike in the amount of interest that LEDs have. These lights can be found in toys, sticks, clothing and a slew of other products. Because of their increase in popularity, prices have gone down and ravers have found that these items can actually make for a great event.

When you look over the selection of products out there, one of the things you will find is that there is no shortage on the styles and designs of these lights that you will be able to find. This is because these lights can be found in a wide variety of shapes and colors and many are designed exclusively for use at a rave.

Rave hosts that want to take their event to the next level should have a variety of LED lights available to their guests. This will help to ensure that the night is one that people will never forget and in many cases, the LEDs will add an element that not every event you attend will have.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Planning Your Next Rave

When you are planning a rave, you are going to find that the process isn’t as complicated as it may seem. In fact, the most difficult part of the process will be gathering the funds that you will need. Beyond that, you need to be sure to following are listed in order of importance.

A reliable location for your event is going to be important. You need to be realistic about the location and consider how many people might attend. Structures that are too large will seem empty and turn off some ravers, while small locations are going to feel cramped and ensure no one has a good time.

With the location picked, you will need to pick a DJ. Music is the central point of the event and you need to hire someone who knows music. Look for the top DJ in your area and let them spin the best songs that are on their playlists.

If you’ve been to a rave event before, you know how important the lighting is. You need to have a darker room that allows people to enjoy their LED toys. Consider offering glow sticks and unique items to add to the experience and let people have a great time dancing in the dark.

Finally, consider the food and drinks you will offer those in attendance. When people are dancing and having a blast, they are going to want to have something to drink at a minimum. So be sure that you take that into account.

Keep all of this in mind and put some thought into your next rave. What you will find is that with a little effort on your part, you will be able to come up with a great rave.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Make Your Rave Matter

If you are planning a rave, then you need to know how to get people to actually show up to your event. While some rave parties make major announcements to get tons of people in the door, there are better and more cost effective things you can do.

A better choice will be to hand out flyers and pamphlets and build buzz that will stay among those who are going to be better matches for the event. The goal is to make the entire event feel like a secret event and when people show up, they will feel like they are on a short list. Even if word of the party catches on like wildfire on campus.

With word getting around, you need to ensure that you are going to create a flawless event that people are going to remember for a long time. This means hiring a DJ that can spin sick beats and keep people dancing from the moment they walk into the door, until they leave.

Above all, give away mementos from the event. LED shirts, glow sticks and other items that people can take away will add value. You can add their costs into the cover charge you place on the front door. That way, you make a little cash and make a reputation for being one of the best rave planners in town.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Building the Image of your Nightclub

When you are looking to boost the presence of your business, the process can seem overwhelming. But once you get down the basics, you should find that things can start to fall into place. A good starting point will be to boost the image you have and to get noticed.

This begins with the interactions you have with your customers. What you will find is that customers depend on what you tell them. Because of this, you need to ensure that you provide them with the things you promise and deliver everything on time.

Advertising is important for your business. When you are first starting out, you may need to start small and work your way up. Your night club may simply be listed on small nightclub directories and public radio at first, but you can build on that over time. If you have a website of your own, this can be taken to a new level by offering advertising to another website in exchange for giving you a mention on their page.

With the new digital age, you will find that apps are increasing in popularity. Because of this, you will want to have a professionally designed app that can report deals, give discounts and even display YouTube videos you can create to boost your image and presence.

Doing all these things can help to build the image of your nightclub. In time, word will spread about your business and you should find that more people start to drop on by and check out your club, thanks to the positive image that you have a hand in creating.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Cast of Characters You Will Meet in the Nightclub

When you head on out to a nightclub, you anticipate that you are going to meet some great new people. While your goal is going to be to have a blast and even meet that person of your dreams, you do have to watch out for the characters that will fill the club.

Take for example, the promoter you end up meeting. This will be the person who gets you in the door, works you a discount of some kind and makes you feel great. Most of the time, this is a person who works for the club in an effort to bring more people in.

As you scan the room, the next person you will inevitably see will be the hard partier. They need music, booze and a night to relax. This individual doesn’t often leave the comfort of the bar, but most everyone in the room knows them.

By this time, you are getting into the music of the DJ and that’s when you meet the next character. This is the woman who loves the performers and she is usually all over them. She can be seen fawning over the entertainment for a chance to catch her own 15 minutes of fame from the relationship.

At this point, you shake your head and make your way to the bar for a quick drink, when you are approached by the next character of the night. It’s the underage drunk who needs you to buy them a beer. They’ll whine about how they can vote and go to war, but they can’t get just one beer. If you indulge them once, they hover around you for the night and increase your chances of going to jail.
Moving past them, you will find your table and sit down. Out on the dance floor, you will see people bopping to the beat and see the next character. They will be the individuals who sweat a lot and dance alone. This is the ecstasy user. They are unable to make it through a night that doesn’t include being high on pills.

Deciding you have had enough, you will head to the door and meet the last of the cast. This is the strange guy who bothers everyone there. Often, this guy who everyone tries to avoid, but will often come and try to cop a feel as you try to duck out of the club.

Clubs certainly have an interesting selection of characters. From the harmless to the eerie, they all part of the patchwork of the night.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Discover the Savings with the New LED Sign Light

Today, it is important to save energy with any type of lighting whether it is residential or commercial. Many residential customers of light bulbs though, are still unsure of LED bulbs being the answer to this issue, because they cost so much money per bulb. However, they are being seen as the answer for commercial applications especially in the area of infrastructure and roadway signage illumination thanks to a new offering from Dialight.

This new offering is the StreetSense LED Roadway Sign Light. The company has brought out two versions of this light to better suit signage needs. The first one is a 70W lamp (produces 6,000 lumen) that is ideal in groups for larger signs above 14 x 14 feet. The second choice is a 40W lamp (produces 4,000 lumen) and is designed for the smaller signs. They use a third less power over previous models according to the research conducted by the company.

The bulbs will last longer according to the company. When tested, they are still putting out as much as 70 percent of lumen after even 60,000 hours of use. This results in the bulbs being changed far less than HID metal halide light sources.

Traditional roadway sign lights are a major cost to operate and take too much maintenance, according to Dialight Group Chief Executive, Roy Burton. He goes onto to talk about all the traffic issues caused by HID lighting fixtures being changed frequently. These problems are all addressed with the StreetSense LED lights. The cost of operating and maintaining roadway signage is reduced drastically by a huge 75 percent when compared to the 100W to 250W HID lights on top of it taking less manpower hours. This means workers are more available for other important tasks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Make Your Own LED System with This Plug and Play Design

Some people think that choosing LED lighting to light a display or home is a very expensive choice. However, it does not have to be expensive. When you want to light up your home or create a holiday light display, several things need to be considered. First, you need to make it affordable. It’s also important to avoid potential safety hazards while making sure that the lights can be easily seen. LED lighting makes the perfect choice, especially if you know how to build your own quality LED system.

Before you are ready to construct your new plug and play LED system, you’ll need to gather some important supplies. You’ll need to have a 12 volt power supply that is waterproof as well as a computer power supply that has a cord and a switch to turn it off and on. Project boxes, RCA jack boards and an 8-port speaker board will be needed. Some other important supplies to have include a caulk gun, pipe cutter, garden stakes, electrical solder, electrical tape 2-liter bottle caps and much more. The list of supplies is quite extensive, but you’ll need everything to create your own LED system.

The computer power supply with cord will be one of your most important components. However, it’s important to know the rating on the power supply before you use it so you don’t overload the circuit. The connections for the system will have to be wired and then soldered to the power supply, which will take a bit of work on your part. The jack boards also have to be wired, which is a tedious task, although it will definitely pay off in the end. Testing the connections you’ve put together is a good idea as well.

You’ll have to go through quite a few complicated steps to create this system. However, when you plug it in and see how it works, you’ll love it. Suddenly, all that work will be worth it. You can even have fun trying out all the colors with your RGB remote.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Do-it-yourself Project that is Fun and can Save Money – Fiber Optic Chandelier

If you enjoy making things, this is a project that will not only save you money, but it is fun. There are a great many products being sold today that you can make at home following a few simple steps. The materials are not nearly as expensive as buying the finished product. For example, a fiber optic chandelier that is available in stores could end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The best part is you can make the chandelier with items that are not expensive and they will look like they cost a lot more. The cost – approximately $15 to $20, depending on where you shop – and think of the sense of accomplishment you will have when it is finished. The items needed will include fiber optic cable, a clear, acrylic bowl, a hanging light fixture, the shell from a flood light and various other things such as a light bulb, glue, a drill and bits and epoxy.

The instructions for making a fiber optic chandelier will vary according to the design that you prefer. The basics include cutting the fiber optic cable and removing strands to create the desired length for the light. The smaller the strands of fiber optic cable are the better the quality of the light, although very tiny fibers are dangerous. They can easily puncture skin.

Another variation can be achieved by adding a colored screen at the bottom of the base that will be used. This will make the lights a different color. This fiber optic lighting is used in a variety of places today from homes to businesses, including nightclubs and anywhere else this ambient lighting is needed. They can be made into spiral, doughnut-like and virtually any other shape desired.

Depending on the type of chandelier you are going to make – for a living room, dining room, bedroom or elsewhere – there is a benefit that you likely did not know. The fiber optic cables do not contain heat or electricity so they are safe to use around water and other sensitive items, such as plants. They are energy efficient. With all of these benefits, why not make a fiber optic chandelier for your home?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Warped Extension

When it comes to inventions, the imagination plays a huge role in design and function. The extension plug is no exception. Although the current design is pretty functional, a reinvention of this common household item may prove to be even more so. Youngkwang Cho, a designer from California, using a bit of imagination has come up with the Curious Extension Plug.

Aptly named, the Curious Extension Plug is not shaped like your typical rectangular extension cord. This one has three sockets surrounded by a cord that plugs into the wall. This plug, much like the Curious mobile phone lies flat when it is not being used. This was also an invention of Youngkwang Cho. When the extension plug is being used, it twists and turns, changing shape as if it has come to life.

The extension plug, like the Curious phone comes to life when it is being used. When a call comes through the phone it rings and vibrates like a standard phone, but it also changes shape. It becomes more conducive for holding against your ear and returns to the flat shape when it is deactivated. This just requires pushing it against some type of surface, such as a table.

Youngkwang Cho’s inventions also include a snow lamp that was inspired by the ridges made by snow when the wind blows. As previously stated, the imagination is a great inspiration for inventions or reinvention of commonly used objects.

The extension plug may provide another benefit by twisting and turning and seeming to warp as if it is melting. The impression that is given is that caution should be used when touching it, even though it is not hot. The sockets all go in different directions when the plug is in use which can be beneficial for short cords. Although most people try to hide their unsightly extensions behind furniture, they may prefer to show off this unusual plug.

The Curious Extension Plug has been described as “aesthetically unique and pleasing”. This is not the typical description for an extension but they have never been viewed as fun products. They were more for function than appearing pleasing to the eyes.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature with Your Own Dandelion Lamp

If you’re often inspired by nature, why not bring the beauty of nature into your home? Maybe you love looking at the intricate beauty of dandelions or you’re stunned by the night sky full of shimmering stars. To bring lovely light and natural beauty to your home, making your own fiber optic LED dandelion lamp is a wonderful idea. It looks great whether you have it lit or not. The best part is that you can make this lamp yourself with the right materials and tools.

Of course, you’ll need some specific tools and materials before you get started. You’ll need 0.75 end glow optical fibers as well as a variety of 5mm LEDs in blue, white and pink. You’ll also need some white card board, 9 inch drinking straws and a SPST rocker switch. Other tools and materials to have on hand include a soldering iron with lead free solder, electrical tape, mini glue gun with glue sticks, paper clips, brass fasteners and more.

Once you have the right materials and tools, constructing the fiber optic LED dandelion lamp is fairly simple. The entire structure is inspired by an orange’s structure, which gives you an idea of how the lamp should be constructed. The straws are used to help hold and support the fiber optics and remember, only hot glue will do. With a bit of patience, you can get all the fiber optics in place. Then you’ll be ready to create your circuit, which requires following the directions very specifically. Once you have the circuit built and soldered together, you’ll also need to build an enclosure for the circuit.

While it will take a bit of time and effort to create your lovely fiber optic LED dandelion lamp, the result when you’re done is definitely worth all that effort. You’ll be stunned at how incredible your lamp looks. In fact, once you’re done making the first lamp, you may want to make a couple more. While you enjoy your lamp and all the incredible colors and lights, you can dream about nature, its colors and all the light that nature has to offer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coffee or Cocktails?

People often meet over a drink and it seems there are two distinctive types of people / meetings, the coffee drinkers and the cocktail drinkers. Whichever the case of the choice of drink it is true that the setting is definitely a reflection of the personalities. Some may feel more comfortable in one over the other. Some may be definitely opposed to one over the other. Which are you? Here is a look at the two.

Coffee drinkers are more down to earth, wanting to keep their mind sharp while enjoying a beverage that is probably more of a habit than an occasional sip. Avid coffee drinkers will know all the little coffee shops and will have their favorite blends on hand. Chances are they will have the ability to serve it from their home as well. These are the more responsible people who want to be able to drive without giving it a second thought.

Cocktail drinkers are more mellow. These tend to be trendy and fun loving too unless they have an addiction to alcohol; then they are simply getting their fix. But for the more responsible person, cocktails are a great way to relax while enjoying their company. Just remember to act responsibly and not to drink and drive.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Split and Parallel EL PANEL GUIDE

Greetings glow enthusiasts! As of late, people seem to be getting quite confused about the differences between parallel EL panels and split EL tape. We have been getting so many inquiries, I've decided to just create an all inclusive EL PANEL GUIDE! So here we go!


Parallel EL panels are flattened electrodes sandwiched together, and use a technology very similar to EL Wire. So similar in fact, that you can interchange parallel inverters and EL wire inverters freely, without losing any glow. They are produced using a screen printing process, which is nice because you can add animated effects to the panel, something that you cannot do with Split EL panels. The busbar in parallel panels surrounds the panel, and excites the phosphor causing it to glow. This allows for the animated effects we spoke of earlier, but also means that you cannot cut parallel panels. These panels still work wonderfully for signs though. You can easily create a cheap glowing advertisement using one of our Parallel EL Panels, and vinyl. Cover the panel in vinyl, and cut out the portion that you want to shine through. By creating a vinyl negative, a glowing sign is really quite easy to make. Parallel EL Panels have a lifespan of 5,000-7,000 hours depending on the voltage the panel is run at, the enviroment the panel is placed in and a couple of other factors. As you use your panel the phosphor(the element within the panel that glows) degrades with use, UV exposure, as well as exposure to the elements. The better you care for your sign, the longer it will last. If you are interested in designing your own custom panel, feel free to send us an email at Custom animations, multiple colors, and any size or shape you desire can be created by our design team for your business or project.


Split EL Tape has a lower operating frequency than EL wire and Parallel Panels. This means that split tape can run for can from 8,000-10,000 hours, while actually glowing brighter than parallel panels. And while all EL technology is made for indoor use, the thicker  plastic sheathing and aluminum conductive backing make Split EL Tape outdoor friendly. For permanent outdoor installations we suggest adding the outdoor grade UV Inhibitor; this will greatly extend the life of your panel, and allows for applications such like billboards, outdoor architectural lighting, etc. Split EL tape is produced using a roll to roll process rather than screen printing. This leaves a small scribe line running through the center of the panel, that can be thought of like the bus bar. Since the scribe line runs through the center of the panel rather than surrounding it, Split EL tape and panels can be cut into any shapes desired with a regular pair of scissors, so long as you do not cut through the scribe line. If you do, everything after that cut will cease to glow, unless another connection to the power source is made. If you do decide to cut your tape, be sure to seal the edges with clear scotch tape, glue, or anything else that would keep the elements out without inhibiting the glow. Split EL Panels can be used for pretty much anything, so long as the scribe line running through the center of the panel is not cut or crossed.

EL Panels and tape offer a uniform glow across the surface, a long lifespan, and is the worlds least expensive lighting source per square foot.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amazingly Handy Headphone Holder Clip

Normally we write about anything that glows, but we had to write about this... O!Snap!
O!Snap Headphone Holder

This new product has changed my life forever, and our office fell in love with it, simply because it made our lives easier, cleaned up my desk, and solved a big problem I had around the office. For Christmas, my Secret Santa got me an O!Snap Headphone Holder. "A What?" you ask? Or at least I did. Haha.

Basically it's a headphone clip that fits around the collar of your shirt, and holds your headphones in place. It's supposed to be for the running market, however I found it incredibly useful when doing work in the warehouse, or when I wanted to be on a long winded phone call and used my iPhone headphones. The clip more importantly doubles as a handy headphone holder which keeps your headphones all neat and tidy when stored in your desk drawer. Previously I would open up my drawer and find my headphones scattered throughout in a bit nest of cables. Now I just release the magnets and let my headphones fall, and there's no tangles... Brilliant!

Anyway, just wanted to give the guys at O!Snap a shout-out for a cool product that I'm getting a ton of use out of... Sorry I haven't used it for its main purpose yet (I hate running), but it's cleaning up my act for sure.

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