Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UK Inventor Creates EL Safety Helmet

Although we do not expect to see it for another year or two, we love EL Safety Technology and want to find out all the new happenings of it. A UK inventor came up with a mass production ready helmet that uses Electro luminescent technology in it. Capable of being seen for up to 300 meters, these helmets would provide bicyclists and police officers a new added safety element. To date, one of the leading causes of police accidents and deaths are caused by traffic accidents, both on bikes and directing traffic.

Read more on the story here:
UK Inventor Creates Glowing Helmet

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vermont Has One More City Leading the LED Charge

Red, yellow and green (unlit) LEDs used in a t...Image via WikipediaWe all know LED Lights are great, and most of us are trying to incorporate LED's into our daily lives. Waterbury, VT is taking that initiative one step further and actually replacing all the Street Lights into LED Street Lights. This major step is not cheap. It is costing the city about $500k to make the change, but they are looking towards the future, in terms of electrical costs, replacement and repairs, and not just the initial investment.

We should soon start to see more and more cities jumping on this eco-friendly train which will not only stimulate our economy, but also provide a new era of eco-friendly operations across the US.

Read the Full Article Here:
Vermont Town Turns to LED Lights

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bring your own cup to the Playa!

If you've gone to Burning Man, you know all about bar and theme camp hopping on the Playa.  Do your part and bring your own cup to the party.  Fellow burners are providing you with booze and a good time, so make sure you come prepared.  Click below to check out a cool idea for your next Playa mug!

Your personal cup on the Playa

For another cool essential Playa product check out neon wire here!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Light up ICE CUBES for your next party!

Add some brightness to your next holiday party with LED light up ice cubes.  Click below to read more.

More Pizzazz with Light Up Ice Cubes

Photography Tip :: EL Wire + Long Shutter = Cool

EL Wire just keeps getting more and more inventive. Janne Parviainen has a unique approach with electroluminescent wire. He does light painting with only a long shutter speed and various lengths and strands of EL Wire. What's created is a completely unique effect that makes other photographers drool.

No edits were used on these images. Only having an lengthened shutter speed and a broad imagination created these unique effects. Check out these other images and Janne's blog.

Friday, March 18, 2011

LED Dance Superstars Take Center... Building???

Have you ever heard of the Japanese music sensation group, Norazo? We haven't either. But wait till you get a load of this video. I'm not sure whether its cool, or makes me very, very uncomfortable. I'm just wondering how long until Justin Bieber does something like this? It's basically a cross between Ricky Martin, William Hung and a small, and I do mean very small portion of Daft Punk.

Share your thoughts of this cool, yet awkward video from our friends in the far east.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are you a Shoe Person??? Try EL Shoes

New shoes to some are like winning the Super Bowl. For those people, they also don't really know what sport the Super Bowl entails... Here are a couple new shoes that we may see later this year using EL Panel Technology to their advantage. Want a cool way to be seen in the club, and still look like a million bucks? Well now you can, for a low, low price of $1650.00.

EL Wire Clothing and  EL Panel Clothing are new hot items just hitting the market. Make sure you are seen at night and make that impression that counts. Check back often as we are on the forefront of any EL Progress.

To see more about these shoes, visit Shoes Inspired by Tron.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glowing Centerpieces at your Wedding

Need some creative and fun ideas to make your wedding shine brighter than the rest? Click below to learn more.

Light up your Wedding!

For more information on all kinds of glow products, click here

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Skip Burning Man, come to Madison, WI... Not

Unless there's a 100ft tall statue that burns at the end of the week I'm not interested. But if you're in Wisconsin with nothing to do, there's a Burners community worth checking out...

Burning Man in WI

For more information on the burning man festival click here.

Ultra Music Festival featuring Markus Schulz

 Markus Schulz will be at this year's Ultra Music Festival in Miami.  For some great music sets, click below

Markus Schulz tracks

Ellumiglow welcomes Irradiant

Ellumiglow Events would like to welcome our newest supplier, which has some great cost effective LED Products, that are more than capable for home, entertainment venues, clubs and more. These LED Products are unique in nature have a great warranty and will help save money over their lifespan. Be sure to check out the website within the next few weeks to see some incredible new products.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pick Up Your Own Electroluminescent Tron Light Cycle

A mere $55k gets you to be as cool as Sam Flynn, and $110k will allow you to get 2 and battle against your friends... Well, this isn't completely true, but a new street legal Tron cycle illuminated completely with Electroluminescent Tape (EL Panel), so if you have an extra $55k laying around you can ride in style to your next Tron or LAN party. This cycle is not going to allow you to leave a trail of light for someone to run into, but it's pretty darn close to the movie bike.

See more pictures and discussion at Mashables.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Electric Optics Presents The Ellusion Light

We are extremely proud to present to you our latest creation in the Electric Optics family, the Ellusion Light! Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I could decide which color do I want to set the mood with? Now the power is in your hands, and a cool handy full color remote to boot! Choose from 32 different colors or allow the color to rotate of any 65 million color choices.

The Ellusion light is powered by 4 high powered LED Lights that generate an amazing amount of light, while only consuming 4 Watts of energy. That's 1/15th the power consumed by a typical light bulb.

Check out The Ellusion Light for yourself, this is one of the coolest lights we have ever seen!

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