Friday, April 15, 2016

Inside Look At OpalDrive : The Worlds Most Robust Laser Wire Module

Want a sneak peak inside the world's most robust Laser Wire module? Check out our video below.

Inside you will see all the operation modes, neat tips and tricks to maximize the potential, and a brief insight of the multitude of uses of the OpalDrive Laser Wire module.

Packed full of features, OpalDrive features Battery and Install Mode, Blink, Fade, and Constant On lighting modes. 
Battery Mode: Depending on the color, OpalDrive will last as a standalone unit for up to 26 hours (with Red module - Blue and Green approx 8-10 hours)! In blink mode, red lasts up to 2 full days before needing a recharge!
Install Mode: Switch over to install mode when using for an extended time, for retail installations, trade shows, events, POP displays and more. Install mode also hooks to any external 5v source for an easy way to provide interactivity to your OpalDrive module, whether connecting to DMX, Arduino or more. 
Blink, Fade, Constant Modes: Depress the button on the back of OpalDrive for 1.5sec to cycle through the modes. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn the device on and off. 

Whether using for Trade Show Displays, Retail Installations, Events, Costuming, Safety and more, OpalDrive is the all-around perfect device for many applications. For more information on Laser Wire, OpalDrive or custom lighting, please email, or visit:

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