Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How To Use LED Strip Lights

Light is a thing of beauty. Whether installing them under a cabinet or front in center stage, lighting can enhance, create, illuminate and completely transform a space. LED lights are a large part of the lighting revolution that we are currently in, which started about 15 years ago. Now there's an LED replacement for nearly every facet of lighting. One of the biggest revolutions of lighting currently are LED Strip Lights, which illuminate linear spaces in a number of industries. LED Light Strips today are a far cry from their inception, as they offer as good, if not better lighting options than any other form of lights. 

Great Lighting Starts With Great Components
When LED's first came out, there was soft market acceptance due to a low CRI (Color Rendering Index), which causes colors to be distorted. It's more common in the food industry, but CRI spans across stage performances, design, retail spaces and more. In the early 2000's a CRI of 60 was common, however currently LED Strip Lights produce over 80, and in some cases over 90 or 95CRI. This makes a huge difference when clients are looking to keep colors as accurate as possible, and provides a rich, inviting light for any environment. This advancement of components has brought LED Strip Lighting into mainstream markets and allowed the opportunity to light spaces that  were too small to receive light previously. 

LED Types
5050 LED's are not as common in today's strip lighting world as they used to be. In 2000, the 5050 LED was seen as the perfect chemistry of LED as it provided mass amounts of light in a relatively tight package (50mm x 50mm). Today, there are a number of great other LED packages, like 3528, 2216, 5630 and more, which provide strip lighting with different properties. 5630 LED's provide a massive amount of light in a tight package, making this a nice choice for uplighting in commercial offices, residential buildings and more. These strip lights can provide over 600 lumens per foot, which is the equivalent to a 60W Incandescent bulb. 3528 SMD LED's now offer extremely high CRI choices, up to 90CRI or 95CRI and are a great LED choice for designers. 

LED Strip Lights have become an integral part of lighting design for good reason. For more information or custom lighting projects, please visit ellumiglow.com.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Introducing VynEL™ - Specialized EL Lighting For Wearables

We are excited to announce the next generation of wearable lighting. Say hello to VynEL™, a specialized space age light that integrates into just about anything. VynEL™ can be heat bonded directly to fabrics, textiles, sporting goods, space travel, outdoor goods, safety gear and much, much more.  

What is VynEL™? 
VynEL™ is similar to EL Tape, but far more flexible, heat resistant, waterproof, and more. VynEL™ can be customized to be applied in numerous products and provides a safety element to practically anything it touches. 

For more information on VynEL™, visit: Ellumiglow.com ::  VynEL™ - Specialized Lighting For Active Illumination

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