Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Cast of Characters You Will Meet in the Nightclub

When you head on out to a nightclub, you anticipate that you are going to meet some great new people. While your goal is going to be to have a blast and even meet that person of your dreams, you do have to watch out for the characters that will fill the club.

Take for example, the promoter you end up meeting. This will be the person who gets you in the door, works you a discount of some kind and makes you feel great. Most of the time, this is a person who works for the club in an effort to bring more people in.

As you scan the room, the next person you will inevitably see will be the hard partier. They need music, booze and a night to relax. This individual doesn’t often leave the comfort of the bar, but most everyone in the room knows them.

By this time, you are getting into the music of the DJ and that’s when you meet the next character. This is the woman who loves the performers and she is usually all over them. She can be seen fawning over the entertainment for a chance to catch her own 15 minutes of fame from the relationship.

At this point, you shake your head and make your way to the bar for a quick drink, when you are approached by the next character of the night. It’s the underage drunk who needs you to buy them a beer. They’ll whine about how they can vote and go to war, but they can’t get just one beer. If you indulge them once, they hover around you for the night and increase your chances of going to jail.
Moving past them, you will find your table and sit down. Out on the dance floor, you will see people bopping to the beat and see the next character. They will be the individuals who sweat a lot and dance alone. This is the ecstasy user. They are unable to make it through a night that doesn’t include being high on pills.

Deciding you have had enough, you will head to the door and meet the last of the cast. This is the strange guy who bothers everyone there. Often, this guy who everyone tries to avoid, but will often come and try to cop a feel as you try to duck out of the club.

Clubs certainly have an interesting selection of characters. From the harmless to the eerie, they all part of the patchwork of the night.

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