Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Buyer's BEWARE :: Imitators Found - Quality Suffers

We've always heard, "imitation is the highest form of flattery". Well in some cases it is, and others, it's just disgusting. This Christmas, while our families were out looking at Christmas lights, we came across a fellow with an EL Wire bike. Turns out this guy is passing off a cheap, less bright, less durable version of EL Wire and battery packs and is calling it "ilumiglow". Because we have been working on selling a high quality product that is unmatched around the globe, we take some serious offense to Copy-catters and don't want to see our brand name being tarnished by others selling inferior products. The moral of the story here is if it doesn't say "ELLUMIGLOW.COM" (with an E - stands for EL Wire) don't be fooled. It is not the same quality product we have been selling for years, and we cannot guarantee its quality.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glow for the Holidays

This Holiday Season can be brighter than ever with the ethereal of modern lights to choose from. The Holidays haven't changed, but the technology has, and decorations are slowly modernizing along the way. Whether your trying to create the ultimate Christmas Display, or your just trying to show that competitive neighbor who's got the best lights around, you'll need modern lights to do the job right. And my papa always said, "A job worth doing, is worth doing RIGHT!"

A good place to start when modernizing your decorations is switching your lights to LEDs. Not only are these lights brighter, much cooler to the touch, and much more energy efficient. Everyone loves there Christmas lights, but hates the bill that comes along with a festive holiday atmosphere. LED Christmas lights will help reduce this bill dramatically while creating a much better display in general. And with so many options to choose from, your house becomes a canvas. LEDs are capable of changing colors unlike your standard lights, and this adds quite a bit more flexibility to your holiday display. Blue when it's snowing, Red when Santa is coming, and White for the new year, or all of them in the same night, even the same minute. With a number of different modes an options to choose from, anything is possible

EL Wire can add a lot to any Holiday display, and puzzle and intrigue onlookers with its magical appearance. And getting a hold of EL Wire has never been easier, because for the first time EVER, Fry's Electronics has EL Wire. This exciting development in the Electroluminescent industry has been a long time coming, and its finally here. Now getting a hold of this once elusive product is easy as pie. Add a glowing element to any lawn ornament that uses string, whether it be lining your lights with EL Wire, or filling out those reindeer harnesses with some extra lights.

Never again fall short to the Dinkleberg in your life, and illuminate your life with some of these awesome lights!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Check out the Green Glowing Raybans at the Oregon Ducks Game!

What is it you ask?

Our brand new EL Disguise is taking Colleges, parties, tailgating and fun to a whole new level! These unique disguises on a stick are a great way to be noticed, or un-noticed, depending on who you look at it. Have fun with friends, family or spice up the photo booth with the new EL Disguise!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tron Costumes

Looking like Tron is no longer only for programs. Nowadays with modern EL technology, looking like  you came straight from the grid has never been easier. All it takes is some EL tape and wire, and you're good to glow. With Halloween on the horizon, costume season is coming up! And preparation is always key when dealing with costumes.  Unless you want to be a toilet paper mummy or sheet ghost, costume design is a must. And with Tron just a year past, we're going to see quite a few programs running around. If you want to stand out from the crowd, lights are a must as well as good preparation and design.
When attempting to attach wire or tape to any
costume, we only recommend using Industrial Strength E6000 Adhesive. Your lights will be all over you like white on rice. Combining good costume construction with a well planned design will ensure that your costume not only looks realistic, but professional. So prepare for your Halloween, get all the right materials, and party hard, Tron style.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brisbane's annual City of Lights Laser Show, lit up the city spectacularly once again. Like something straight from those funny fungi you used to eat, the city was dazzled by the show put on by John Rayment and Tony Assness. As one of the premier attractions during the festival, onlookers gazed to the sky from vantage points all over the city. for the three week run. Lasers, searchlights, and lights of all assortments were on display, and the city of Brisbane definitely was the City of Lights.

Monday, September 10, 2012

You can never beat the environment at a festival. Thousands of people, all gathered for one reason: to have an amazing time together. Whether it is for music, or art, or just for the sake of gathering, people get excited. Everyone worked to make it. They spent time and energy to get there, but in the end it is always worth it. Festivals allow for endless possibilities. In the beginning everyone is equal. In the end, someone landed that perfect 10, another ends up at the after party with the headliner, and then there is always that one guy who ends up passed out in the gutter. You can tip the odds in your favor at a festival, with a little preparation.

Anything to set yourself apart from the thousands of others will help, as long as you are in a good state. And props can help put you there. But first and foremost people want to have a good time, and enjoy the experience together. It’s up to you, to make that happen. No one else can make you have fun. Sure things will help the situation along, but it’s all a decision you have to make. And once you make that decision, people will be drawn like moths to the flame. The brighter you burn, the more you will attract others. And a simple fuel source you can draw from is a prop or costume.

My boss gave me an amazing crown for my birthday, and it helped me realize the potential of props and festivals. I decorated said crown with EL Wire, so not only did I feel like the king of the rave, I shone like the star that I am. At first I was nervous wearing the crown, but as soon as I relaxed and rocked it, I became the king. I was attracting attention like a neon replacement billboard, and delivering. I felt like I was walking on a dream, playing with people’s emotions left and right. I could do anything. I could be anyone. I was more confident and outgoing than I ever could have been otherwise, all because I felt like by wearing the crown I had made a promise to myself and the world, which is that the king had arrived. The crown took a fair amount of time to make, because I had to weave all of the EL Wire into the crown, but it was definitely time well spent.  Because of that crown, I had one of the best birthdays ever. Preparation is key if you want to make the most of a festival experience.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10 outstanding photographer and Light graffiti

Light Graffiti takes everything about traditional graffiti and turns it on its head. A temporary form of tagging, artists capture amazing photos/videos using non traditional methods of light exposure and film, or even as a performance art. Either way, it's an amazing art form that produces beautiful effects. These 10 artists are leading the charge in this innovative art form.

Michael Bosanko

Michael Bosanko's series "We come in Peace" has figures of light interacting with their environment in a number of engaging ways. 

Patrick Rochon creates outstanding images in anumber of innovative ways, even in a field that is on the cutting edge. Using lasers, he illuminates his subjects in a way that creates an alien, otherworldly feel.

LICHTFAKTOR is a German group of light artists, has produced some of the most well known productions ever. Transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary masterpieces, thes guys are making a huge splash in the light graffiti scene. Comprised of Marcel Panne, David L’pschen and Tim Fehske, Lichtfaktor combines talents like graphic design, video mixing and photography to craft series of images and videos for companies like Absolut Vodka, Audi, Sprint and Playstation.

Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke create ghostly works of art that brings a new look to nature. 

Eric Staller's light drawing give the window a unique window to view New York City through.These examples were created using long exposure with a variety of light sources.

Ryan Warnberg and Michelle McSwain (MRI) hail from Queens, NY, and collectively create light paintings. There amazing style of light painting can be bought for parties, ad campaigns, and special events.

Sola's flowtastic paintings experiment with form and movement.

Alan Jaras creates his stunning images by passing light through molded and textured plastic in order to refract the light in a unique way. The plastic is placed in front of the camera instead of a lens and is captured directly to 35mm film for an unmatched organic result.

Dean Chamberlain's psychadelic portraits take photography to a whole new level. Renowned for his series, "Psychadelic pioneers", chamberlin creates these portraits using long exposure that can last up to five hours.

Toby Keller of Burn Blue photography in Design has created a series of free flowing paintings that seem to have no general direction-but they need none. They stand alone amazingly because of the stunning backdrops he chooses to paint on. 

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