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13 Easy Ways to Conserve Energy While Everyone’s Home

We’re all spending more time at home these days. That means computers, TVs, A/C units, and appliances are running almost constantly – and our electricity bills are reflecting that. We’re opening the fridge door more often, lights are being turned on and off throughout the day, and our outlets are working overtime.
To help you manage your household’s energy use and keep those power bills low, we asked energy conservation experts living in Denver all the way to those living in Hawaii to share their favorite energy-saving tips and tricks. Here are 13 easy ways you can start conserving energy at home today.

Prevent energy waste by unplugging electronics 
1. Even if you turn them off, electronics in your home can still be using electricity if they’re left plugged in. To save energy, do a quick audit of what you have plugged into each outlet in your home. Then, unplug what you can or consolidate items using a power strip so you can easily turn everything off with one switch. – Greenily
Save energy while regulating the temperature indoors
2. If you’re considering getting new windows as this year’s home improvement project, make sure you consider getting ones that are triple pane. Not only do they provide superior energy efficiency and comfort in the winter, but they do so in the summer as well. A much cooler and comfortable home coupled with lower air-conditioning costs will be the result. – Denver Replacement Windows
3. Instead of regulating your indoor temperature with your furnace or AC unit, take advantage of your HVAC fan, ceiling fans, and natural sunlight. Turn on your house fan at your thermostat, which allows air to flow through your house. Just make sure you adjust the thermostat temperature so that the air condition or furnace doesn’t kick on. If your home needs to heat up, open shades on the south side of your home; and if your home needs to be cooled off, make sure those south side window shades are drawn to keep heat out. – Healthy House on the Block
Conserve energy while doing laundry
4. Machine dryers use up far more energy than you’d expect — in fact, Energy Star reports that typical dryers use more energy than washing machines, dishwashers, and even refrigerators. So, next time you’re doing a load of laundry, try opting for air-drying by hanging your clothes, laying them out flat on a towel (this is best for items like sweaters that may stretch when hung), or putting them on a collapsible drying rack if you’re tight on space. Skipping the machine dryer also has major benefits for retaining the quality of your garments, as dryers are just as hard on what’s inside of them as they are on the environment. – Conscious Life & Style
5. You could also line dry your clothes outside! Not only will you save energy at home, but sunshine will help brighten your whites and treat stains! – Tiny Yellow Bungalow
6. Empty the lint filter in your dryer after every use. Even a small amount of lint build-up reduces the dryer’s energy efficiency. – Ecoimpact Consulting

Switch to energy-efficient lighting and electronics 
7. Just as Nest has allowed simplicity through automating your thermostat, the same type of automation exists today through your Amazon Alexa (when using compatible Ambient Series LED Controllers). Consider setting up your home to dim the lights at sunset, or wake up gradually with light to mimic a sunrise. Not only does it help conserve energy, but it also provides a more comfortable, more enjoyable home experience with a light switch that never has to be turned on or off. – Ellumiglow
8. The light bulbs in your home are one of the greatest consumers of electricity.  Our recommendation is to convert to LED. Even changing CFLs and fluorescent tubes will reduce electricity and eliminate mercury in our environment. – Century Lighting
9. Use ENERGY STAR certified battery chargers for a variety of cordless devices. On average, they will use 30 percent less energy than standard models. ENERGY STAR certified chargers also have the potential to save Americans more than $170 million annually while preventing the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 200,000 cars.  Of course, 1 Green Planet Electronics Recycling can recycle and properly dispose of the old chargers. – 1 Green Planet
Think outside the box and conserve energy during mealtime
10. Stay cool without air conditioning. Instead, cool your body with watermelon. Not only does it work like a charm in cooling your body, but it is also a healthy, low-calorie food that keeps you hydrated and feeling full. Talk about a win-win. – Minnieveggie
11. Hawaiian Style Microwave. When working in the yard, or being outside at a park or the beach, try this easy tip to warm up your hot lunch entrees just in time for your lunchtime break/picnic. Place your meal in a sealed Tupperware container (right out of your cooler or refrigerator) exposed to the sun on the dashboard of your vehicle. Give it a couple of hours and your lunch will be piping hot – keeping you from having to warm them up in the kitchen. – Kuwili Lani
Reduce energy consumption by sealing up any leaks 
12. Heating and cooling comprise almost one-third of home electricity in the US. To drastically reduce energy consumption at home, ensure your home isn’t leaking air through gaps in windows, doors, or insulation. While investing in a smart thermostat to proactively manage your temperature settings is extremely effective, you’ll still be wasting energy and money if your house is leaking that air! For step-by-step guidance to identify and seal up leaks, check out the WattDoesItUse Go-To Home Energy Efficiency Checklist To Save Energy & Money. – WattDoesItUse
13. In most homes, the low hanging fruit is proper air sealing. For Dvele’s conservation first technique, the air sealing is a critical prerequisite function for both health and energy efficiency. An energy audit can be performed by a BPI Building Analyst or HERS Rater to determine the best bang for your buck on air sealing. – Dvele
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13 Easy Ways to Conserve Energy While Everyone’s Home

We’re all spending more time at home these days. That means computers, TVs, A/C units, and appliances are running almost constantly – and o...