Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fireworks For the 4th - Keep It Safe - Keep It Legal

Fireworks on Lake Suwa
There are few companies that like fireworks more than we do, but that being said, we wanted to take a moment to review the safety elements in order to get maximum fulfillment out of our nations Independence Day and fireworks extravaganza. So let’s go over some ground rules and general information about fireworks.

A permit or license is not required to buy legal consumer fireworks in any state, but it’s a good idea to check your local laws to see what fireworks are legal. Certain states ban fireworks altogether like New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, so make sure you are operating with caution this holiday season.

Connecticut, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Vemont permit sparklers, and very little else. Wyoming permits only CPSC approved fireworks, and Montana prohibits skyrockets, roman candles and bottle rockets. If you are hopping on a plane for the 4th, make sure you leave your fireworks at home. The FAA prohibits fireworks on ALL carry-on and checked bags (with good reason!). To find out what fireworks are legal in your state, click here.

Be safe, have fun and light off some spectacular lights this 4th! Oh, and remember what we're doing it for... The Independence of this great nation.

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