Sunday, May 23, 2010

EL Wire FAQ's

EL Wire is a great new product that glows when an electrical charge is applied to it. This is a quick guide to answer some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any of your own, feel free to post in the comments or send us an email to
Q: What is EL Wire?
A: EL Wire is a decorative, flexible wire that glows similar to old school neon tube lights. The main difference is Electroluminescent Wire comes from the element phosphor, whereas neon comes from, well, neon. EL Wire can be bent, cut, knotted, and spliced together and generates no heat when charged. It can be taped, glued or sewn to nearly any surface. Neon can't claim any of those traits.
Q: Will EL Wire Electrocute Me?
A: No. EL Wire when a charge is applied, sends a safe voltage throught the wire. It may tingle if non-sealed ends are touched, however it will not do any damage to the skin or body.
Q: How Hot is EL Wire?
A: Not Even. Unlike many other lighting sources, EL Wire doesn't get hot when it glows. The temperature is the same whether it is on or off.
Q: Will EL Wire Glow By Itself?
A: No, a high frequency alternating current driver must be used in order to make the wire glow. These are relatively inexpensive and can either be battery powered or plugged in to a standard electrical outlet.
Q: Will EL Wire Make a Sound?
A: Yes and no. The wire itself will make no noise, but the driver will emit a high pitch sound. The loudness will depend of the specific driver itself, so making sure the driver is a fair distance away from ears is key.
Q: Where Can I Purchase?
A: There are no physical storefront locations that sell EL Wire, but EL Wire can be purchased online at EL Wire is available in 10 bright colors.

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