Saturday, May 15, 2010

EL Wire Drivers and Inverters

What is the deal with EL Wire Drivers and EL Wire Inverters anyway? I don’t get what the issue with them is and why I need to use them. Well, that's what I hear quite often. People seem to use the two terms, "drivers" and "inverters" synonymously.

EL Wire Drivers are basically the lifeblood or the source of the wire’s power. Think about powering a lamp inside your house. Would you expect the light to turn on without plugging it in? Well, that would be nice… I would too, but in today’s world that doesn’t happen... Yet. Drivers send power and regulate the amount of power that are used to power your wire. Having too much power in your driver will send too much voltage throughout the wire and cause the element phosphor to break down more rapidly. This will cause your EL Wire to burn out quicker. Let me say, EL Wire does last a long, long time. However using the right amount of power for your application, will not only make your wire lasting the longest amount of time, but also ensure your light stays as bright as it possibly can. Having too little wire will make your wire to seem weak or dull, and we all know EL Wire is anything but dull. Your wire, wherever used, should make a statement. It should tell people where you are. It should provide a runway to your location. And lastly, it should enhance everything surrounding it. It doesn’t need to be the only focal point, but should provide a good foundation of light.

Finding the correct driver should be simple. First, think about your project in mind. Think about what you are creating. Whether it is an outrageous costume for Burning Man, or to create a window piece for your business, have a concept in mind. Next once your concept is complete, imagine the amount of wire you think you will need, then times it by about 1.5. That is the amount of wire you will probably need, but also the size of the driver you should purchase in order to power your mission. Once you have these two components in mind, turning a concept into reality is quite simple. Make sure you have thought out your plan before the cutting begins and you will have the masterpiece you envisioned.

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