Thursday, January 5, 2012

New LED Sky Lighting Makes Businesses Work Better

New technology brings better work environments. One thing that has been lacking from offices around the world is ample lighting. Until now, we were stuck with either florescent lighting which is rough on the eyes, or as of recently, LED replacement bulbs. These replacements are far better on the eyes, although it still leaves us with the same problem, which is the rather uninspiring lighting that surrounds the work environment. Imagine being able to bring your desk outside and work under the blue skies.
(Photo Credit: Fraunhofer IAO)

The innovative new luminous ceiling, developed by the Fraunhofer researchers provides a magical alternative to uninspiring lighting. These 20” square ceiling tiles each have 288 LEDs with a combination of red, blue, green and white LED’s which allow a full color spectrum with 16 million color possibilities.

When combined with one another, these panels create a virtual sky which simulates natural sunlight on a cloudy day. Researchers have been carefully examining the lighting patterns of clouds as they roll through the sky and how light is affected, which enabled them to put their research into computer chips. Currently, the sky pattern allows for sunny, cloudy, fast moving and slowly transitioning skies. As this is developed further, we will begin to see customizable sky patterns which will allow business owners to adjust how their employees feel just based on the lighting. This should allow for better productivity, as well as better employee morale.

From March 6-10, this display will be debuted at the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover. Price is currently 1,000 euros per square meter, however as this idea takes form to other businesses, we should soon start to see the price drop and easily affordable to many businesses. 

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