Monday, June 28, 2010

Run Safer At Night

Have you ever found yourself motivated as all getup during work to go home and get a great workout in, only to get home and wonder where the daylight went? Did that get your workout mojo working in the opposite direction, and instead you sat in front of the TV rather than working out? Wouldn't it matter if it was perpetually bright out? But what if you could preserve your daily life of your 9-5 job and continue to come home for your afternoon/evening jog in spite of the brightness outside? The diminishing sun might typically rule you out from exercising as a result of basic safety concerns, or just because you cannot see.  But those times are no longer... EL Wire has come to the rescue (yet again)!

Today, technological innovation has once more come through and made it achievable to excite your nights once again! Now you can find EL wire headphones to guarantee your safety and help with your vision when you go jogging in the evening.   The new EL Wire Headphones can feature the wire in 4 marvelous colours, either you may decide on, to aid you see throughout your workout.  In addition,as an additional safety feature, it will help make you a whole lot more noticeable to someone in the distance, or oncoming cars. For an extra cool factor, have the Electroluminescent Wire illuminate to the beat of your music.  The battery pack in the headphones can be also be powered with a USB cable and the plug is even compatible with most phones, iPhone 3G or computers. Another way neon wire can guide in more careful nighttime biking is in your shoelaces.

EL Wire shoelaces as well are available in 4 energetic colorings and can render you with additional light down near your feet.  This will be very effective while biking at sun down, especially when many joggers look down at their feet when they go jogging.   Picture how much brighter your path could be! Your shoelaces will also tip off others in your general direction, or in the area that you are near.  This is a substantial safety feature!

Another way that glow wire can be helpful while running at night is by placing it on your iPod or iPhone.  Combined with the EL wire headphones, you can also have your iPhone light up, as well, providing you with yet another method of bright light in the dim light.
 Biking in the dark can be harmful and  scary .  Reduce your stress with elwire and light up your night while getting a healthy work out!

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